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    Hello, I have suggested to do additional medical test by my immiaccount but me or my agent did not get any mail and I do not have any papers by which I will be able to make appointment with my test centre. What should I do. I am the subclass 500 applicant.I do not have HAP ID of my previous test.
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    Subclass 489 FS Medical compulsory for 3yr old ?

    Hello ! We are at the stage of visa where we have to submit our medical reports to South Australia.. I have two small kids (twins) 3 yrs old both.. now they are required to do tst or igra ? ( we are from india if I may add) .. I wanted to ask if it is compulsory for such small kids to do tst or...
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    Medical professional step by step process

    Hi All, My wife is medical professional working in India with 36yrs age and experience of 11years in her field. She wish to immigrate to Australia, in this regards please provide valuable information on step by step process. she will appear for IELTS in mid of august 2018, please let me know the...
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    Wrong photograph uploaded with medical record

    HI, I have applied for my visa and the e-medicals form submitted from the place where i did my medicals submitted my form with wrong photograph in it and the department asked for explanation. I am so worried. Its been 4 months since we applied the visa and 42 days since we gave the explanation...
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    Early medical checkup

    Hi Admin, I have a query regarding medicals to be done. I received the invite and I am yet to get my marriage registered and will be doing it before the invite expires. But can i get the medicals done for my would be wife even before the marriage registration. The reason I want to start even...
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    Perform medical checkup in a different country

    Hello Admin, Is it ok to do the medical examination any country or i must do it in my usual country of residence ?? My case : i am living in kuwait and i a intending to do the medical examination in Dubai because it is so much cheaper than kuwait ..