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    ACS Am I eligible for applying for Post Australian Study Skills Assessment?

    Hi All, I would like to make sure one thing as ACS criteria gives me a confusion. I have graduated from Australian uni back in 2015 having ICT major (261312), and I have a post-qualification work experience for about 3 years from Feb in 2017 to current. Am I still eligible for Post...
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    VETASSESS Vetasses assessment - long processing time

    I have submitted my assessment to vetasses since 22 may 2019 but up till now no result yet although on 14 August they requested for work chart which I have submitted, am worried and impatient because it has taken a longer time for the result to come out... Please what could be the problem
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    Statutory Declaration / Affidavit template.

    I have the following issues in submitting my application, I don't have a lot of support on getting this done. The migration agent also played out. Hence I have been looking for information for more than a week hence I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help me with this. I need...
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    EA Skilled Employment between Bachelors and Masters Recognised???

    Hi there. I have a query about skilled employment assessment with Engineers Australia and was wondering if anyone can help. I'm unsure if I should apply as an Industrial Engineer (i.e. Professional Engineer) or Engineering Technologist. The problem is, I studied a 3 year bachelors degree (Sydney...
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    EA Applied for assessment got rejected and ban imposed for 1 year

    Hi Team, Recently I have applied for skill assessment to Engineers Australia. The project reports submitted was my own work which I did during my undergraduation course! I am not sure where these projects got uploaded online. I have checked online and found similar projects. When I submitted my...
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    221213 - External Auditor - Timing of submission

    Hi, I have a dilemma and wonder if anyone is able to provide some advice. I am looking to apply subclass 189 under 221213 - External Auditor and currently have 75points. By mid-Jan 18, I will have additional 5 points for working 1 year in Australia and make it to 80. If I submit my...