migration skill assessment

  1. Nitish_m

    Claiming concurrent employments in EOI

    Hello All, Re: Claiming concurrent employments in EOI I need suggestions regarding concurrent employment in the same time frame. I have the following work experience: Company A: 01/01/2020 to 30/11/2021 Company B: 01/10/2021 to current. Positive ACS Skill Assessment: Company A: 01/2020 to...
  2. S

    ACS ACS skill assessment

    hi, I wish to be assessed nuder the ANZSCO code 263111 As per the latest ACS guideline (updated in December 2019), My skill level requirement met date will be in November 2008. After this date, I have, 1 year + 8 months of experience (until July 2010) After that, I followed a Degree for two...
  3. N

    ACS Skill assessment after PY ? confused

    If completion of PY in itself is enough for getting our skills assessed through ACS or do we have to apply for skills assessment separately? How long does it take to get skills assessed after PY completion?
  4. C

    EA I applied for Telecommunication Engineer (Professional Engineer) and I got outcome as engineering technologist which is not satisfied result for me.

    I applied for Telecommunication Engineer (Professional Engineer) and I got outcome before 2 weeks as engineering technologist which is not satisfied result for me. My question is Instead of review again , can I apply again for assessment with strong documets and CDR? Is there any chances to...
  5. helpseeker94

    EA I and my friend have same projects in bachelores

    Hi, I and friend have done same projects and did it together in bachelors of civil engineering. Now both of us want to get our cdr's assessed but do we get plagiarism as a result. what is the solution?
  6. H

    SkillSelect Experience Inquiry

    Dear Fellows, EOI experience section clearly states that experience in last 10 years will be considered so i need to confirm that either last 10 years after suitability criteria met date or before that ? My ACS Result : "The following employment after November 2010 is considered to equate to...
  7. Z

    EA Suggestions Required For Electrical Engineer Skill Assessment

    Dear friends, I am going to apply for skill assessment from EA, and need your guidance. I'm Electrical & Electronics Engineer from a UK university while studying in another country (3 years B.Eng Hons degree). My degree transcripts depict more focus on electronics than electrical subjects...
  8. W

    Assessment of Professional Qualifications as an EA Member (Professional)

    My application to Membership application to Engineers Australia was just approved at the Grade of Member (Professional) for with a fee of $380.25 which I've not paid yet for the following reason: My Migration Skills Assessment application is giving me an additional cost of $410.00 for...
  9. B

    Suitable occupation code

    Did bcom with 1 subject of IT, joined an IT reseller companies call center selling IT products. Worked 6 months. Joined bank and worked in risk management for 4.5 yrs and did mba finance in parallel ( it had 1 cs psubject.).but work in bank was implementation of a risk solution.. Switched to...
  10. H

    Washington accord same as ABET ?

    Could any one provide me feedback, if ABET is considered equivalent to Washington accord for migration assessment by Engineers Australia ?
  11. H

    Work experience for Migration Skill Assessment

    I already have 65 points for 189 subclass visa with superior English. I can't and won't be claiming points for my one and half years of experience. For, Migration Skill Assessment, it is mentioned that I have to provide experience certificate for employment over 12 months. I cannot provide...
  12. MysticRiver

    Result SkillSelect Invitation-18th Round result (1st March 2017)

    Total Invitation (Announced) Visa SubclassNumberSkilled - Independent (subclass 189)2000Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489)200Total2200 Total Invitation (Actual) Visa SubclassNumberSkilled - Independent (subclass 189)1832Skilled - Regional Provisional (subclass 489)32Total1864...