1. A

    ACS Skills Met Date Questions

    I recently applied for ACS accreditation under ICT Business Analyst and they've already responded with my results. They recognized my Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering as not related to ICT Business Analyst thus needing 4 years of my work experience. Below are my credited work...
  2. Miss Taurus

    Backgroud check

    An embarrassing question... I had a small incident happened when i was studying in Australia over 10 years ago which i am not proud of... it left me with a criminal record, no imprisonment, but fined. It was over the possession and use of fake ID. I was obviously an idiot back then without too...
  3. Navneet

    SS from NSW on 60 points

    Hiii, my name is navneet and I have submitted my EOI on 15 Aug 2016 for Registered Nurse. My points are 30 points for age, 15 for education outside Australia and another 10 for IELTS, accumulating it to 55 and 5 extra for SS, I have positive skill assessment and do not have any experience. could...
  4. S

    Supporting documents for ACS migration assessment

    Hi Mystic River, I have few doubts, can you please advice. Next month I am planning to submit below documents for ACS skill assessments: 1. Computer Diploma + all marksheets + Transcript 2. B.Com bachelor degree (non-ict) + all years (3) marksheets + Transcript 3. Work reference letters, total...
  5. S

    Format of the reference letter for ACS migration assessment

    Dear Admin, I am planning to take reference letter from my previous companies and I have prepared the format according to ACS doc - Software engineer role. Can you please verify whether it is okay or not. Below are the responsibilities: · Requirement discussed with users, analyzed, designed...
  6. MigrationDesk

    Posting guideline

    Dear Member, It is important to follow some guideline while you contribute to this forum. This will help us maintain the forum, keep it clean and enable future members to find related topic easily (hence reduce duplicated thread). Basically, you just need to use your common sense, and...