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    Subclass 190 Visa Granted

    This is to give the #offshore applicants a ray of hope. I finally got the 190 grant. please see my timeline for details. Also, wanted to express appreciation to this forum and the admins, especially @mohsin Siddiki & @MysticRiver for their great efforts. Keep the spirit up!
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    Withdraw 190

    Hi, can anyone help me with some real information. I applied 190 visa with nt nomination. I am in bridging A visa. If I want to withdraw my visa and apply for 491 nomination, is there any way to do that?
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    EA Civil Engineer with experience as Subcontracts and Procurement Engineer. How to proceed with skill assessment.

    I am a Civil Engineering graduate and have 6 years of experience as a Procurement & Contracts Engineer in the Oil & Gas Industry. How should I proceed to get my occupation assessed? Age-27 IELTS-7.5