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    EOI filed with expired assessment and got the invite

    Hi Everyone, My EOI got expired in December month and before that mine and my partners ACS assessment also got expired. We created a new EOI request with old ACS result, but got 190 invite the very next day. I have also applied for new skill assessment for me and my partner. Now I am in dilema...
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    ACS ACS help me understand the result.

    Your skills have been assessed to be unsuitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261313 (Software Engineer). You have been assessed as not meeting the requirements for professional information technology experience of one (1) year after the relevant qualification in a field closely related to...
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    Subclass 190 Visa Granted

    This is to give the #offshore applicants a ray of hope. I finally got the 190 grant. please see my timeline for details. Also, wanted to express appreciation to this forum and the admins, especially @mohsin Siddiki & @MysticRiver for their great efforts. Keep the spirit up!
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    Withdraw 190

    Hi, can anyone help me with some real information. I applied 190 visa with nt nomination. I am in bridging A visa. If I want to withdraw my visa and apply for 491 nomination, is there any way to do that?
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    EA Civil Engineer with experience as Subcontracts and Procurement Engineer. How to proceed with skill assessment.

    I am a Civil Engineering graduate and have 6 years of experience as a Procurement & Contracts Engineer in the Oil & Gas Industry. How should I proceed to get my occupation assessed? Age-27 IELTS-7.5