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  1. CraigC

    EA Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment with Washington Accord

    My degree is certified under the Washington Accord and so I can apply for my MSA via the Washington Accord pathway. However I also wish to also have a Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment (RSEA) done to help ensure I get the full 15 points. Do I have to go down the CDR pathway rather than...
  2. CraigC

    EA Skills Assessment with career progression concern

    Hi, I am planning to apply for a 190 or 491 visa in coming months so am going through the Skills Assessment process. My Degree is accredited so that is no problem. For work experience I want (or even need) to obtain the full 15 points for 8+ years relevant experience. I have 2 options...
  3. N

    EA Eligibility for an MSA in a non career related occupation

    Hello forum, Looking for some guidance and experience here. Has anyone tried to get an MSA under the category of Engineering Technologist with an existing occupation as an engineer? Its just that I have almost always been working as a petroleum engineer and am concerned that I don't have the...
  4. Z

    Engineers Australia Informal Review

    Hi guys, During my last communication with my assessor, they advised that the potential outcome of my application is engineering technologist (ET) since the requirements in the competencies 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 have not been met. I replied saying that I have written 21 paragraphs on these 3...
  5. M


    Can I get two migration skill assessments? the point is that I applied for MSA for electronic engineering because it is my degree but I received an email from EA and they said according to my CDR they can assess me as an automatization and control engineer. however, he gave me the option to...
  6. J

    EA MSA- should I choose engineering manager or professional engineer?

    Dear Admin, I am preparing my MSA. I am holding undergrad degree and master degree in Materials engineering from Singapore. Till now I have been working in the area of materials engineering for 16 years. My job scope is a mixture of management and technical aspects. My question is: should I...