EA MSA CDR for PE w/ Sydney Accord Degree

    Hi all, I have submitted my CDR for ANZSCO Code 233911 Aeronautical Engineer. I have a Sydney Accord Bachelors Degree from a UK uni and have been an Aeronautical Engineer for nearly 4 years at a major airline in London. Due to wanting to be assessed for PE rather than ET I have submitted...
  2. S

    EA EOI Qualification, Honours or Bachelors

    Hi, I have an engineering degree (B.Sc. Hons) accredited by the Washington Accord. So I selected "Honours Degree in Science, Business or Technology" as my Qualification when submitting my EOI. But recently, I realised in the EA outcome letter AQF Level is specified as "Bachelor Degree". (The...
  3. liuhan211211

    EA Is it normal for a EA CDR assessement to be In-Progress for 3 weeks?

    Hi guys, I submitted my CDR assessment through EA's fast track on 24th April, and the state turned into "In-progress" on 10th May. Till today (27th May), the assessment has been "in progress" for 14 working days, and I haven't heard anything from them. Is this timeline sounds normal for you...
  4. Tartee

    Tra education qualification

    This question is regarding with application for my brother. Before my question, let me explain some background about his application first. My brother has SUCCESSFUL TRA skill assessment in Electronic Equipment Trades Worker (342313). We applied using his Singapore Diploma and working...
  5. S

    Unusual email from Engineers Australia long after receiving assessment

    Dear Admin, Today suddenly i got the following e-mail from [email protected]. but i got my outcome at 2 months ago. then why this mail they sent to me , i can't understand. another thing is that, today is Saturday, that means not a business day also. pls let me explain, where...