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    Info Multimedia Specialist - Core units

    Hi everyone! I'm planning to study the course Bachelor of Interactive Media focus on Game Design at AIT (Academy of Information Technology), does this course fall into the category of "Multimedia Specialist" as I plan to apply for the visa from ACS under Multimedia Specialist 261211...
  2. G

    ACS Digital Design applying for multimedia specialist 186 DE

    Hi, I have an Australian degree - Bachelor of Arts major in digital design and graphic design. I am currently under 482 TSS visa. My occupation as listed in my current TSS visa is Multimedia Specialist. I am thinking of applying ACS for 186 Direct Entry. Will my education background which is...
  3. kundnani.rt

    ACS Regarding changing ANZSCO Code from Analyst Programmer 261311 to Multimedia Specialist 261211

    Hi In May 2016 I was assessed positively as an Analyst Programmer 261311 Code by ACS. At that time I was not aware about the availability of the Multimedia Specialist 261211 Code and therefore I excluded Multimedia Roles and duties for assessment feeling that my assessment will come positive...
  4. sky0117

    ACS ACS Employment Reference/evidence & Years of work experience to submit

    Hi, I'm preparing for the ACS Skills Assessment for visa 186 DE and the occupation is Multimedia Specialist. There are a few things I'm hoping to get some clarifications before submitting. My background: Currently on 482 visa > 12 years of working experience, out of that, I've 5 years of...
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    ACS ACS Skill Assessment- Multimedia Specialist

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    Minimum point for applying in subclass 190 with state sponsorship

    Dear Rakshanda and MysticRiver Sorry to bother you guys again and again. It is bit confusing for me. I have check the above mentioned link: and they have written "Multimedia Specialist" under ICT Professionals...