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  1. kundnani.rt

    ACS Regarding changing ANZSCO Code from Analyst Programmer 261311 to Multimedia Specialist 261211

    Hi In May 2016 I was assessed positively as an Analyst Programmer 261311 Code by ACS. At that time I was not aware about the availability of the Multimedia Specialist 261211 Code and therefore I excluded Multimedia Roles and duties for assessment feeling that my assessment will come positive...
  2. sky0117

    ACS ACS Employment Reference/evidence & Years of work experience to submit

    Hi, I'm preparing for the ACS Skills Assessment for visa 186 DE and the occupation is Multimedia Specialist. There are a few things I'm hoping to get some clarifications before submitting. My background: Currently on 482 visa > 12 years of working experience, out of that, I've 5 years of...
  3. S

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment- Multimedia Specialist

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  4. S

    Minimum point for applying in subclass 190 with state sponsorship

    Dear Rakshanda and MysticRiver Sorry to bother you guys again and again. It is bit confusing for me. I have check the above mentioned link: and they have written "Multimedia Specialist" under ICT Professionals...