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  1. R

    ACS ACS help me understand the result.

    Your skills have been assessed to be unsuitable for migration under ANZSCO Code 261313 (Software Engineer). You have been assessed as not meeting the requirements for professional information technology experience of one (1) year after the relevant qualification in a field closely related to...
  2. mdrutsay

    NSW Sealed police report form police headquarter Japan.

    I currently live in Japan. I have been invited to apply for 491 visa and I received my police clearance report from the Japanese police. But it says "To be opened by the addressee only"and "Confidential" on the envelop. I believe we need to apply online and upload scanned copies. What should I...
  3. N

    WA 190 visa

    Hi Guys, Have applied 190 since December 2021 with 90 points. In march CO asked for address proof while staying and studying in Aus. We uploaded the docs and then again in April another CO demanded the same documents which were provided . We got our first baby in March and added her in...
  4. mdrutsay

    NSW I have been invited by NSW to apply for (491) state nomination, does it mean I have been invited to apply for visa?

    I have been invited by NSW to apply for (491) state nomination, does it mean I have been invited to apply for visa? What do I do next?
  5. puriabhishek22

    Subclass 189 Visitor Visa (600) for Partner

    Dear All I have got my Visa 189 in December last year and yet to make my first entry. Meantime, I got married this month and planning to take my partner to visit Australia as a short trip for 2 weeks. I want to apply Visitor(tourist) visa for my partner. Kindly let me know how to apply for...
  6. puriabhishek22

    Subclass 189 PCC & Passport Renewal

    I have received invitation for 189 visa and I am in mid of submitting application from India. I have applied for PCC application but it is taking 1 month waiting at our passport offices. I have already booked the appointment. Same time my passport validity is only for next 9 months and somebody...
  7. mdrutsay

    EA Renewing skill assessment. Time limit?

    My skill assessment will soon expire on 17th August. I am thinking of renewing it just before the borders open. What do you suggest? Thank You in advance.
  8. Ash0o1

    ACS ACS Skill assessment post australian study work grad

    ACS Skill assessment post australian study work graduate 1. completed my masters in I.T THIS YEAR. AS a temporary graduate i will be looking to have skill assessment next year in Anzco code 263212 as i am working as an intern in same code. i have a quick question and its very important. In...
  9. I


    DATE OF APPLICATION LODGED :-17/11/18 CO CONTACT :- 14TH MAY 19 CO CONTACT :- 06/12/19 occupation:- cafe manager aznco code :- 141111 I have applied for 489 visa for south Australia on 17th Nov 18 and co contacted me first for the reference letter from my ex employer which i provided...
  10. I

    General Withdrawal from class 500 application

    If someone is onshore and applied for student visa His work visa expires And bridging visa comes into effect later on he withdraws the application so what will be the visa conditions comes into effect
  11. R

    189 or 190

    Hi, I lodged my eoi for 261313 at 75 points on 25th May 2019. What are my chances considering recent changes in rules and decline in number of invites? Also should I go for 190 simultaneously? What are the chances there?
  12. mdrutsay

    VIC Civil engineer with 75 points for 189

    I am a civil engineer with 75 points for 189. I also want to apply for 190 nomination. Which state should I go for, VIC or NSW? Or can I apply for both simultaneously? I am eligible for VIC and NSW both. And what are my chances of getting invited for 189 visa? DOE: 22/6/2019
  13. E

    Visitors Visa for Parents

    Hi All, I want to know about the rules for apply visitor visa for parents and family member. My parents are above 60 age. I got Permanent Resident 190 sub class visa in feb and living since 3 months in Australia. I want to know that can I apply for Visa for my parents now or I need to wait. Can...
  14. I

    189 Visa refused onshore while studying my Masters last semester

    Hi Guys i applied for 189 visa onshore in 2017 with 60 points. was invited after a week , i claimed 05 points of overseas experience. the case officer(s) asked me updated reference letters,salary slips and contact details from the employees but , unfortunately the department was not satisfied...
  15. N

    NSW Chance of an invitation for accountants with 75 Points

    Hi Just tired of waiting my invitation at 75 points for 189 visa from General Accounting category. Its been nearly 8 months that i have been waiting for the invitation. I have applied for 190 as well from NSW. Looks like its time to look for other there anyone in this forum who...