1. mdrutsay

    NSW Sealed police report form police headquarter Japan.

    I currently live in Japan. I have been invited to apply for 491 visa and I received my police clearance report from the Japanese police. But it says "To be opened by the addressee only"and "Confidential" on the envelop. I believe we need to apply online and upload scanned copies. What should I...
  2. D

    Pre invitation

    Got pre invite, 70 points trade 134299. Later found a mistke in eoi but fixed it befor fee submission but aftr invitation, crux is no change in points. What could be the possibility of rejection.
  3. A


    I have a query that none of the agents responded to, I have bachelor's degree in Ayurvedic studies with 6 months internship in community care centre and 3years experience in community service. Can i apply for ACWA skill assessment?
  4. Mandeep1

    Rules Requirement for 887 @ for state Nominated visa 489

    Dear @MysticRiver I migrated to South Australia on Visa subclass 489 ( state nominated @ SA) with the only condition 8539 - Live, study and work in a specified area. So I would like to ask, would it be acceptable and fulfil the eligibility criteria of 489 to 887 to live and work in the...
  5. mdrutsay

    Subclass 189 How should I answer these questions?

    Under "Family members", how should I be answering these questions? I am married and have a child, who I want to take with me if I get nominated. Family members How many family members? Would the client be accompanied by their partner in a future application? Thank You in advance
  6. K

    TRA deductIon of work experience

    TRA also deducts work experience like venessess
  7. Z

    Subclass 189 S57 Natural justice

    Hi what are the chances of visa grant after NJL.. No points were overclaimed. NO bogus documents submitted but they suspect some documents are not genuine. Im 100 percent sure that no bogus docs were submitted nor any mistakes made. Im not withdrawing it...any suggestions?
  8. Holyboyy91

    Off-shore migration candidate's dillema

    With the present year policy shifting its focus to on-shore candidates mostly & with an increase in the number of employer sponsored visas, is it advisable for an off-shore candidate to travel to Australia & search for a job when the air travel restarts?
  9. Z

    Subclass 189 CO CONTACT

    co contact for non claimed employment... replied with the reason on a stat declaration...should that suffice??
  10. Z

    Subclass 189 Self-decleration

    What does it mean by Self-decleration and how do you write one? I have been requested for docs for non claimed points...so thinking of submitting a Self-decleration...would this suffice?
  11. Z

    Subclass 190 Additional documents for unclaimed employment

    HI I got an s56 email today for employment that i did not claim points during my eoi or visa application. I selected it as relevant to my nominated occupation and that im not claiming any points. Got an email last week requesting payslips etc for claimed employment. Please advice?
  12. Z

    Subclass 190 190 visa application help

    Hi All, Looking for an advice on filling some information in 190 Visa application. There is a question in the Employment section; Employment in nominated occupation Has the applicant been employed in Australia in their nominated occupation or a closely related occupation at a skilled level...
  13. N

    WA 190 WA job offer?

    WA states that if invited th applicant has to prove 6 Month exp or a contract for 6 month. I got my invite and also found an employer who is interested to hire me, but the start dates are not sure because of my work rights and the employer requirement i that i have full work rights...what should...
  14. Mehrdad3faz

    Naati result

    Hello dear I have naati exam in July and I'm studying hard for it. Because of my age I may lose points. Is it legal to claim 5 points for naati before getting the result? Some lawyers say it's all right, the thing is we have to provide documents as the invitation is received. I'd really...
  15. N

    Subclass 190 EOI SUBMISSION

    Western Australia picks up candidates from EOI every third Thursday of the month and the next one would probably be in a week. I have submitted my EOI just a day ago. I have heard from many that the state will not pick EOIs that are submitted recently and it has to be sumbitted Atleast before a...
  16. kavish0062

    PR after Visa subclass 476

    I have recently moved to Melbourne am currently on Visa subclass 476 which is valid till June 2021. Any suggestion to get settled down in Australia. My First cousin lives in Mickleham(3064), If he can sponsor me?
  17. S

    VIC Working in NZ on 190 visa

    Hi .. I have been granted 190 visa with Victoria as the state sponsor. I am currently in India. I have a contract job offer in new Zealand for a year starting 1 Feb 2020. I will fly to Melbourne to activate my PR and then fly out to Auckland. I intend to come back and work in Melbourne after the...
  18. S

    EA Roles and responsibilities on company letterhead

    Hello All, Hope all are doing well. I'm about to start the skill assessment process in EA. One of my employer denied to provide roles and responsibilities on company letter head. I have only Statutory declaration with roles and responsibilities received from my manager. If EA not accepted this...
  19. N

    NSW 190 Nsw clarification

    Im an applicant from the WA state with job title as WELFARE WORKER. I have a total of 75 points with a positive skills assessment. Welfare woker is under the high availability jobs nsw 190 list but nsw will not consider any interstate applicants (not sure). It also states that an applicant...
  20. kavish0062

    Info Change in Passport details

    Hi All, Good Day! I have received Visa Subclass 476( graduate Skilled Visa). My passport would be expired by the time I will plan to travel to Australia. So, I have applied for a fresh Passport and updated the details (new passport no. & validity details) on my Immi account, the details...