1. Z

    Subclass 190 190 visa application help

    Hi All, Looking for an advice on filling some information in 190 Visa application. There is a question in the Employment section; Employment in nominated occupation Has the applicant been employed in Australia in their nominated occupation or a closely related occupation at a skilled level...
  2. N

    Subclass 190 190 visa document checklist

    Hi Im planning to submit my visa by myself. I got my 190 nomination based on a work contract, but did not claim any points for work experience and selected job not relevant. Do i need to submit documents proving the claims i have made or do i still need to submit the contract again which i did...
  3. N

    WA 190 WA job offer?

    WA states that if invited th applicant has to prove 6 Month exp or a contract for 6 month. I got my invite and also found an employer who is interested to hire me, but the start dates are not sure because of my work rights and the employer requirement i that i have full work rights...what should...
  4. Vaijayanti Rao

    ACT Submitted ACT Matrix application with 45 points

    Hi All, I have lodged ACT matrix with 45 points on 15-05-2020 under 491. My occupation code is 233512. May i know the chances of invite based on the current trend? Your answers will be very helpful for me. Thanks in advance.😀 FYI: Nominated Occupation : ‘Open’ on the ACT Occupation List - 20...
  5. N

    Other Welfare worker skills assessment

    Hi i just got a positive skills assessment as a welfare worker with a bsc in community service. My brother has done an acwa accredited 2 yr diploma in community services. As per acwa skill assessment guideline it says ACCREDITED ACWA DIPLOMA LEVEL 5 OR HIGHER can be used to get a skills...
  6. kavish0062

    PR after Visa subclass 476

    I have recently moved to Melbourne am currently on Visa subclass 476 which is valid till June 2021. Any suggestion to get settled down in Australia. My First cousin lives in Mickleham(3064), If he can sponsor me?
  7. N

    Other Working in a closely related occupation

    I have a positive skills assessment as a welfare worker and a job contract for 6 months as a community worker. To apply for 190 wa, it says job offer should be in the nominated occupation or closely related....Does it mean that i can apply for aS a welfare worker and produce a job contract as a...
  8. Fasi Faiz

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment Query - Post Assessment Points Claiming

    Hi everyone, I am in a literally puzzled state at the moment, any clarification in this regard would be highly appreciated. I completed a Masters Degree in IT (Network Systems) from a university in Melbourne in July 2018, but did not enrol in the Professional Year program. I started looking...
  9. Q

    Can we travel to a different state in Australia on Business Visa (Subclass 400) while 190 SS Visa is in process?

    Hello Friends, Can anyone help me with the below question? I have recently lodged my 190 visa for QLD from India. Before I have got Pre-invite and ITA from QLD, my current employer filed my Business Subclass 400 visa and received the grant for business visa on Nov 7 and this visa is valid...
  10. N

    NSW 190 Nsw clarification

    Im an applicant from the WA state with job title as WELFARE WORKER. I have a total of 75 points with a positive skills assessment. Welfare woker is under the high availability jobs nsw 190 list but nsw will not consider any interstate applicants (not sure). It also states that an applicant...
  11. R

    Query: Dependent Parent Visa

    Hi Folks, I have a query related to "dependent Parent visa", as I have my mother living back in my home country and I do support her financially from Australia. Looking forward to get her here on some medium term visa initially; like 1-3 years. Could you please suggest:- 1. What are the...
  12. E

    Visitors Visa for Parents

    Hi All, I want to know about the rules for apply visitor visa for parents and family member. My parents are above 60 age. I got Permanent Resident 190 sub class visa in feb and living since 3 months in Australia. I want to know that can I apply for Visa for my parents now or I need to wait. Can...
  13. C

    Visitor Visa Stay Query

    Hi, I am planning to visit Australia to attend a wedding function in Nov 2019. What I'm wondering is if I visit Australia on 8th Nov 2019, will I be allowed to stay there for around one month (return after Visa Expiry Date i.e. on 8th Dec 2019) or would I need to apply a new VISA My VISA...
  14. Dhruv kapoor

    Australia migration rules, please reply

    Hello All, I am a BCA graduate , working with IBM INDIA Total exp= 5.5 years 4 years Tech Support 1.5 System administrator AIX - still cont. I am planning to migrate to Australia, consultant told me i wont get the experience points because my degree is bca and experience in sys admin. He...
  15. L

    Work experience on EOI

    Hello, So I have IT experience from sep 2007 till feb 2016 (With gaps inbetween) I got my skills accessed by ACS and have 4years and 6 months experience as skilled experience so 5 points. All experience that fell under before 10 years were ignored and then a - 2 so after all the deductions I...
  16. chaudhariankit2

    Subclass 190 Do I need to provide evidence of fund for 190?

    Hi.. I've heard conflicting info about the Skilled Nominated state sponsored 190 funds requirement. Some states require the applicant to produce evidence of funds (30k AUD) while some states don't. Can someone confirm/advise about this? Thanks
  17. manjot singh

    Subclass 489 SS Received njl letter

    Hiii @mystic river I have received immi s057 njl today,, case officer called 7 jan to my previous employer and asked my joining date, salary and job duties,, which my employer was failed to answer some of their questions and answered them different figures of my salary. Now case officer issued...
  18. Rakshanda

    Just a WILD GUESS! (New Changes in the point system)

    They did this step by step and very cleverly. First they minimized the number of aging years on point scoring from 60 to 55 because economically even a 55 year old wont be able to do any good to them. Then they changed the eligibility to minimum 65 instead of 60, of course because they wanted...
  19. K

    General Work opportunities in Sydney

    Hello everyone I am planning to move to Sydney in June 2019 and have already started applying various jobs through seek.au portal. Currently, I have no connection in Sydney and I have heard, employers always seek local reference for considering any job application. Can someone (who are already...
  20. khannavishal

    Help on tourist visa subclass 600 and spouse visa subclass 802

    Hi @MysticRiver, @Rakshanda In need of your supporting advise on following matter: I am permanent resident of Australia with visa subclass 190 and got PR in sep 2017. Have fulfilled my obligation to enter before specified date "IED". Got medicare, TFN, bank account in australia. Had done some...