1. D

    Pre invitation

    Got pre invite, 70 points trade 134299. Later found a mistke in eoi but fixed it befor fee submission but aftr invitation, crux is no change in points. What could be the possibility of rejection.
  2. yasminaosman

    Info General question

    Hello @MysticRiver , kindly I have a question. I am already in Australia with my partner and we are PR. When we initially applied to Australia we also applied to Canada. My application to canada (for a PR visa) is still in progress; I did not cancel it; I have received a request from canada to...
  3. mdrutsay

    Guide SA 491 Offshore

    Since, SA is open for offshore applicants, I have applied ROI and have lodged an EOI. What else should I be doing except for waiting? Civil Engineer PTE: Each 80 Age:32 Experience:8 Years+ @MysticRiver Please help.
  4. Y

    Impact of having 2 countries PR on citizenship

    Hello, I am a permanent resident in Australia; I have been here for 1 year. I got my grant in 2018. In 2013 I applied to Quebec canada for a PR and the application process took a long time. At that time I lived in Lebanon my country. In 2016 I decided to apply to Australia and got my PR visa. A...
  5. Manoj Kumar


    Hello, I am looking forward to avail the service of 'Separate Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment'. I am a Mechanical Engineer who has been working in India since 3.5 years. I got a positive outcome in Educational Qualification Assessment, and my profession is relevant to my Bachelors...
  6. N

    Subclass 190 Visa Granted

    This is to give the #offshore applicants a ray of hope. I finally got the 190 grant. please see my timeline for details. Also, wanted to express appreciation to this forum and the admins, especially @mohsin Siddiki & @MysticRiver for their great efforts. Keep the spirit up!
  7. R

    How to request a change in visa condition - 8201 (max 3 months of study)

    Hi, I would like to ask a question regarding visa conditions and what to do to change them. I haven't found an answer in this regard on the forum and on the internet unfortunately. I am currently residing in Australia as a partner (dependant) of a Student 500 holder (PhD student). So both of...
  8. K

    TRA deductIon of work experience

    TRA also deducts work experience like venessess
  9. TheBlueTie

    Other I have been told i can not apply for visa

    Hi, i have been told by some consultants that since my education (bachelor in arts) is not relevant to what job i am doing right now (project coordinator) i can not get positive result by skill assessors from home affairs. They said even tho i lodge the assessment, i might not get the positive...
  10. Dsoni

    EA Engineers Australia rejected my skill assessment by stating the information is misleading

    Hello all, REALLY URGENT AND NEED SUGGESTIONS PLEASE! I have received an email from Engineers Australia stating they rejected my application by saying the information is misleading and imposed 12 months ban. I have submitted all the correct documents and still got a response that the...
  11. Desert Cowboy

    Info Experience assessed as relevant but not claiming points

    Hello. I have a total of 3 years experience from my second job and it was assessed by AIMS as relevant occupation; however I cannot provide sufficient documentations from this experience due to some personal complicated reasons so I did not include it in my EOI. Do you think it will affect my...
  12. Z

    Subclass 190 190 visa application help

    Hi All, Looking for an advice on filling some information in 190 Visa application. There is a question in the Employment section; Employment in nominated occupation Has the applicant been employed in Australia in their nominated occupation or a closely related occupation at a skilled level...
  13. N

    Subclass 190 190 visa document checklist

    Hi Im planning to submit my visa by myself. I got my 190 nomination based on a work contract, but did not claim any points for work experience and selected job not relevant. Do i need to submit documents proving the claims i have made or do i still need to submit the contract again which i did...
  14. N

    WA 190 WA job offer?

    WA states that if invited th applicant has to prove 6 Month exp or a contract for 6 month. I got my invite and also found an employer who is interested to hire me, but the start dates are not sure because of my work rights and the employer requirement i that i have full work rights...what should...
  15. Vaijayanti Rao

    ACT Submitted ACT Matrix application with 45 points

    Hi All, I have lodged ACT matrix with 45 points on 15-05-2020 under 491. My occupation code is 233512. May i know the chances of invite based on the current trend? Your answers will be very helpful for me. Thanks in advance.😀 FYI: Nominated Occupation : ‘Open’ on the ACT Occupation List - 20...
  16. N

    Other Welfare worker skills assessment

    Hi i just got a positive skills assessment as a welfare worker with a bsc in community service. My brother has done an acwa accredited 2 yr diploma in community services. As per acwa skill assessment guideline it says ACCREDITED ACWA DIPLOMA LEVEL 5 OR HIGHER can be used to get a skills...
  17. kavish0062

    PR after Visa subclass 476

    I have recently moved to Melbourne am currently on Visa subclass 476 which is valid till June 2021. Any suggestion to get settled down in Australia. My First cousin lives in Mickleham(3064), If he can sponsor me?
  18. N

    Other Working in a closely related occupation

    I have a positive skills assessment as a welfare worker and a job contract for 6 months as a community worker. To apply for 190 wa, it says job offer should be in the nominated occupation or closely related....Does it mean that i can apply for aS a welfare worker and produce a job contract as a...
  19. Fasi Faiz

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment Query - Post Assessment Points Claiming

    Hi everyone, I am in a literally puzzled state at the moment, any clarification in this regard would be highly appreciated. I completed a Masters Degree in IT (Network Systems) from a university in Melbourne in July 2018, but did not enrol in the Professional Year program. I started looking...
  20. Q

    Can we travel to a different state in Australia on Business Visa (Subclass 400) while 190 SS Visa is in process?

    Hello Friends, Can anyone help me with the below question? I have recently lodged my 190 visa for QLD from India. Before I have got Pre-invite and ITA from QLD, my current employer filed my Business Subclass 400 visa and received the grant for business visa on Nov 7 and this visa is valid...