1. C

    Mistakenly claimed 5 points in my EOI and submitted visa application for 189

    I need help. I submitted my Australian visa for the 189. My CO contacted me recently and said I have mistakenly claimed 5 additional points (for Australian study requirement) which I cannot provide evidence. My CO requested that I should provide additional point to ensure they can proceed with...
  2. S

    EOI filed with expired assessment and got the invite

    Hi Everyone, My EOI got expired in December month and before that mine and my partners ACS assessment also got expired. We created a new EOI request with old ACS result, but got 190 invite the very next day. I have also applied for new skill assessment for me and my partner. Now I am in dilema...
  3. A

    491 Visa Lodgement

    Hi @MysticRiver @poojatrivedi @Dileep I have applied for 408 Covid Visa and currently on Bridging Visa A. Now I have apply to for 491 Visa since I am nominated successfully by state government. How should I proceed with lodging 491 Visa? Should I first lodge 491 Visa (In this case, Which...
  4. puriabhishek22

    Subclass 189 Documents for filling visa 189

    I am in process of filing application for 189. Do all documents that are to be uploaded should be notarized photocopies or scanned copies of originals will work? if yes, what all documents to be notarized? @MysticRiver
  5. H

    Withdraw 190

    Hi, can anyone help me with some real information. I applied 190 visa with nt nomination. I am in bridging A visa. If I want to withdraw my visa and apply for 491 nomination, is there any way to do that?
  6. Z

    Subclass 190 Additional documents for unclaimed employment

    HI I got an s56 email today for employment that i did not claim points during my eoi or visa application. I selected it as relevant to my nominated occupation and that im not claiming any points. Got an email last week requesting payslips etc for claimed employment. Please advice?
  7. Bumblbee87

    ACS Skill Assessment

    Hi All I have a positive skill assessment from ACS date 12/02/2019 & it is for occupation 261111 ICT Business Analyst. The following employment after July 2013 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 261111(ICT Business Analyst). -------------...
  8. Fasi Faiz

    ACS ACS second assessment

    Hi everyone, What's the recommended way of applying for a second assessment? I have received a positive assessment for one occupation (Network Administrator 263112) via the post-Australian study pathway but also want to apply for another closely related one (Computer Network and Systems...
  9. A

    ACS ACS - Skill Assessment - Electronics and communication Engineer.

    Hi, Following are my details. 1) Bachelors - Electronics and Communication Engineering(2007-2011) 2) Work Experience - 8+ years in same job profile mentioned for Computer Network & System Administrator. 3) Applying for - 263111 Computer Network & System Administrator. (VISA 189) Below are my...
  10. mdrutsay

    Rules Can we apply to two different states simultaneously for 491 nomination?

    I want to know if I could apply for nomination from two different states simultaneously for 491 visa.
  11. Fasi Faiz

    ACS ACS Skill Assessment Query - Post Assessment Points Claiming

    Hi everyone, I am in a literally puzzled state at the moment, any clarification in this regard would be highly appreciated. I completed a Masters Degree in IT (Network Systems) from a university in Melbourne in July 2018, but did not enrol in the Professional Year program. I started looking...
  12. mdrutsay

    VIC Civil engineer with 75 points for 189

    I am a civil engineer with 75 points for 189. I also want to apply for 190 nomination. Which state should I go for, VIC or NSW? Or can I apply for both simultaneously? I am eligible for VIC and NSW both. And what are my chances of getting invited for 189 visa? DOE: 22/6/2019
  13. L

    Work experience on EOI

    Hello, So I have IT experience from sep 2007 till feb 2016 (With gaps inbetween) I got my skills accessed by ACS and have 4years and 6 months experience as skilled experience so 5 points. All experience that fell under before 10 years were ignored and then a - 2 so after all the deductions I...
  14. K

    Previous countries of residence when Visa Lodging at Page 15

    My husband lived in Singapore for almost 2 years but with 3 different addresses during his stay since he has to stay close to the offices oof his IT projects during those years. There's a question that says "Have applicants lived in a country other than the primary applicant's usual country of...
  15. E

    Regarding Employment Reference Letter

    I have got CO contact yesterday, Co asking for reference letter for my employment. But my question is for current company I give the request and company has provided me the same. But i have 8 months of experience in last company which i was entered in my Visa application whose reference letter...
  16. M

    ACS Regarding Dates on Employment Reference Letter submitted

    Hi, I have a question. I recently found out that my HR mentioned joining date incorrectly in one of my employment reference letter. The dates have 1 week of difference and comes under employment duration for which I am not claiming any points. After receiving invite, should I submit the new...
  17. C

    Change in points due to work experience in 189 visa

    Hi, I filed my EOI for 189 visa last year in June. Now on 1st January 2019, my effective work experience will be more than 8 years. I have following two questions: 1. Since I am working in the same company since I filed my EOI, my experience End Date is blank in EOI, as I am continuing in the...
  18. manjot singh

    How long to take decision?

    Hello mysticriver, dileep Co contacted me on 8 oct and asked for form 80 and australian federal police check, i have submitted both of them now, jst want to know how long visa officer take to final my deciosion or shall he ask for more documents?
  19. manjot singh


    Can anybody plz help me by send me a link to update timeline?
  20. manjot singh

    Query about 489 nsw

    Hello mysticriver, I have lodged my visa 489 nsw on 29th june as u can see on my timeline. Previous work experience has been verified over the phn while assesment by vetassess. I switched to new job and i filled the detail about my new job in form 80 at the time of lodgement and attached salary...