1. Jay90

    Subclass 190 Naati in visa application

    I received a nomination but after the nomination I received my NAATI results. In the visa application what should I select for Credentialed community language qualifications? Yes or no? thank you very much for your attention
  2. S

    Subclass 190 I have 65Points for 189, 70 for 190, 80 for 491. I am falling under Softwear Engineer Skill. Whats are chances for getting invite as of now?

    I am an offshore candidate and I have my sister living in Sydney so I want to move to the same place. What are the suggestions for this case? I don't mind waiting for 2 years. but want to know is it worth giving it a try? How about jobs for Software Engineer in regional areas? Also how about...
  3. K

    Subclass 189 Claim NAATI points in EOI Upfront before result

    Can we claim NAATI 5 points in EOI before result is released. I just got to know, If it is the date they issue the result/certificate (in future) falls beyond your invitation date then we should be good else, we might be in trouble. Is this true ? Experts please advise with relevant...
  4. N

    Can we update the NAATI Score later in EOI?

    Hi, I am planning to file the EoI on 15th April, 2020. I have registered for NAATI test also which will be held in 1st Sept, 2020. My query is if I don't mention about NAATI in EOI on 15th April and if I pass my NAATI in Sept,2020, can I update my EoI in Sept, 2020 once I receive NAATI result...
  5. M

    Rules Which visa to apply for NAATI CCL test?

    Hello friends, I have booked the Credentialed Community Language (CCL) Test in Hindi that is conducted by NAATI, in order to earn extra 5 points for Australian PR (Skilled Migration) purpose. Anyone kindly guide me on below queries : 1) This test is only available in Australia, I understand...
  6. Hasan.gharaibeh

    Subclass 189 NAATI (English to Arabic)

    Hey guys lucky I found a close exam appointment in Dec, but lack of resources on the other side! Please help me if you knew tips, trips, or hacks. Please share any required materials.
  7. T

    Obtain CCL-Nati points

    Dear All, Could you'll please provide guidance on how to get CCL-Naati points? Regards, Sam
  8. S

    Subclass 189 ACS - Required Documents

    Hi, I have planned to submit my Consolidated mark sheet as Award Transcript, which details all the subjects of the course. I have completed MCA, so I have to submit both Master's and Bachelor's degree certificates and consolidated mark sheets. The problem is, my Bachelor degree's consolidated...
  9. MysticRiver

    Info Changes in Credential Community Language Points - new standard by NAATI

    This is to inform everyone that, since 1st January 2018, NAATI has introduced a new test called Credentialed Community Language (CCL) Testing for the purpose of claiming extra 5 points in skilled migration. Prior to that, an applicant was required to appear in para-professional OR professional...