name change

  1. sabyhq13

    Info Name (Surname/Family name) change for primary applicant

    Hello all, I have done my PTE, ACS, NAATI CCL already & have now submitted my EOI. Now my marital status has changed to married and my name change procedure needs to be done (suffixing husband's name instead of my surname). I am primary applicant in this case & I was planning to change it on...
  2. T

    “Other Names” Supporting Documents

    Hi all, In my visa application form in addition to my given name I also provide “other name” which is an Anglicised version of the name I have in my passport (it is mostly used for credits on the projects I work on.) This puts me in a position where I am asked to provide supporting documents...
  3. Nishant Kumar

    Other name left unanswered in Partner Visa 309.

    Hi I need urgent help and advice related to one mistake that I made in the 309 application. I was using my first name Nishant everywhere and even on my passport. Now, I added my surname Kumar to it and full name is NISHANT KUMAR now. But in my application I said No in the section where I was...
  4. Yasmine

    Name change and residence information

    Hello mystic river, I went through the information in the link you gave me, I have 2 questions please: 1- other names/ spellings: I will add my current marital family name and my previous marital family name. ( I was married before and divorced so I should be addind this name too, right?) 2- I...