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    VETASSESS Vetassess Skills Assessment - Negative Outcome, I have no degree need advice please

    Hi All ANZSCO Title: ICT Business Development Manager 225212 I have had my skills assessed by Vetassess and its come back with a negative outcome, saying I don't have a relevant degree to the requirement. I'm sure this is a common question that gets asked. Vetassess's requirement for the...
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    VETASSESS Should I apply for a review to VETASSESS?

    Hello, My application for the role of Marketing specialist got deemed negative on the reason that it was not held to be evident that the primary focus of my role is on the provision of specialised marketing expected skill level and scope. This is in spite of my tasks and duties being closely...
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    VETASSESS Negative Skill Assessment - VETASSESS (Chemist - 234211)

    I received a negative skill assessment from VETASSESS for the occupation chemist (234211). They have mentioned that the tasks undertaken at my employment are NOT highly relevant to the ANZSCO tasks for the nominated occupation. I worked as a chemical analyst and VETASSES has mentioned that my...
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    Hello Admin, I got a negative outcome for my skills assessment (VETASSESS) for my nominated occupation as "my role with my company appears to be primarily based in administration" which is deemed not relevant. I was really disappointed, but I'm applying for a reassessment as my duties were...