1. GlobalCitizen

    Adding new born before lodging visa application

    Dear Experts, MysticRiver, I want to add my new born (passport/birth certificate obtained) to my existing 189 Immi application. Just want to confirm the following: Documents for new born: For new born, I need the following documents ( in order to expedite my application without CO's...
  2. C

    Adding newborn before CO is assigned.

    Hi All, I know that you need to fill form 1022 and add in Birth Certificate and passport for newborn. But, in my case, I have lodged the application. Waiting for CO yet. How should I add Birth Certificate and Passport, under whose document list? Should I have to wait until CO finds the 1022...
  3. C

    Adding newborn to subclass 189

    How could we add a newborn baby to subclass 189 visa? If visa is not lodged before, do we have to add newborn child as dependent? If yes, it would be taking weeks to get a passport and how is that one can add child as a dependent without a passport number? I am assuming system would not allow...