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    ACS Australia PR Non ICT Skill listed Graduation BA

    Hello Admin, I am a Bachelors of Arts passed out in 2012, though I have been working in IT from 2010 October till date which more then 6 years experience. My query is that if ACS or Australian Visa Authorities would only consider my Work Ex which is after my graduation date in the nominated...
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    Claim points for qualification with non ICT degrees - do I need a separate assessment?

    Hi MystricRiver: I submitted my ACS (RPL) for ANZSCO 263111 on 24th aug including followings: 1= Bechlor of Commerce Degree (2 years) 2= Diploma in IT (1 Year) 3= CCNP + CCVP certificates 4= Exp form October 2005 to Aug 2016 (still continue) throughout Computers & Networks ACS Result: Your...