northern territory

  1. nik_asp_nt

    NT 190/491 2020-21 full allocation

    Hello everybody, I'm planning to apply for 190/491 in the near future and currently waiting for my skill assessment from ACS. However, when I checked NT state sponsorship page yesterday, I found that NT government has temporarily stopped both 190 and 491 due to very limited number of seats...
  2. CM_Kerala

    NT Northern Territory (NT) Subclass 491 Group

    All those who have applied for 491 state nomination for NT please update their views,queries,status here .Let us help each other , solve issues during nomination stages and get a better forecast from results of members . Only genuine NT applicants pls post comments .
  3. S

    Info Regarding 491 visa

    Hi all , Could someone please tell does Northern Territory require job offer as per requirement for 491 visa? This is for my wife. I am an offshore applicant, done vetassess assessment under pharmacy tech. which is under STSOL. Does it require job offer in order to apply. 491 visa and NT are the...
  4. mohsinciddiki

    NT Australian permanent residency: 117 occupations open for skilled migrants willing to migrate to Northern Territory

    From cooks to family day care workers to motor mechanics, low skilled migrants will now be able to apply for Australia’s permanent residency. Northern Territory has opened its door to skilled migrants in 117 occupations and has offered a pathway to permanent residency to these workers who are...