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  1. Kuta

    NSW PR grant questions

    Hello all, I’m new to this forum. I got to know about the Migration desk from a friend. I received my PR granted recently. Details in my signature. I have a couple of questions. Would any experts here please advise? I’m granted the 190 visa onshore. Does it mean my visa has already come into...
  2. R

    NSW NSW 190 EOI Usual Invitation time

    Hi folks Recently NSW have received allocation. for 190. Looking to understand expected timelines for NSW190 state EOI response time. EOI submitted on OCT 20, in Priority Migration Skill Construction Project Manager. Points: 75 including sponsorship States submitted: NSW only Is there any...
  3. R

    NSW NSW 190 EOI Invitation, How long it usually takes

    Hi folks Recently NSW have received allocation. for 190. Looking to understand expected timelines for NSW190 state EOI response time. EOI submitted on OCT 20, in Priority Migration Skill Construction Project Manager. Points: 75 including sponsorship States submitted: NSW only Is there any...
  4. adhikarivj

    Chances of getting invite ANZSCO Code 261313 (So􏰄ftware Engineer).

    what's are the chances of getting invite in ANZSCO Code 261313 (Soft􏰄ware Engineer) - 189 - 90 points 190 - 95 points EOI updated - 29/11/2020
  5. U

    General EOI for Management Consultant in NSW

    Hi, What's the current status of EOI approval points for Management Consultant in NSW? Currently it showing Low in state occupation list. Any other state open for offshore applicants?
  6. V

    Chances of state nomination for NSW 190 in current trend

    Hello, What are the chances of getting invited for 190 visa from NSW with 85 points (including state nomination) ? ANZCO : 261312. EOI submission : Dec 2019 Looking forward to your comments. Vishnu.
  7. B

    NSW Suggestion on bridging visa c 190 NSW pre invite

    Hi there, My 485 expired on Oct 2019 and I logged a subsequent student visa (dependent) on my wife . Ever since october 2019 i have been on bridging visa A. As my wife study completed we decided to log 485, she as a primary applicant. Since, I was still on Bridging Visa A, the agent told us...
  8. J

    Info 189 invitation received after lodging 190 visa application.

    Hi everybody! Hope the one reading this post is doing well. After a long struggle for years I am in a position now to make a choice of which visa I shall go with, and I am desperately need your help people. Last month I received 190 invitation and approval from NSW, I lodged the visa...
  9. I

    Waiting time for ITA for sub-category 190 for NSM for 80+5 points

    Hi, What are the chances of receiving ITA (190 NSW) for a score of 80 + 5. The EOI has been submitted in December 2019. If there are chances, what will be the probable duration to receive ITA. ANZCO : 261312/Developer Programmer.
  10. D

    NSW NSW 190 for Developer Programmer (2613) in Jan 2020

    Dear friends, Has anyone of you received invite for 190 from NSW in Dec 2019 or Jan 2020? I have updated my EOI on 30 Dec 2019 for 90 points for 190 NSW and 85 for 189. Can someone please advise when can I expect invite based on current status. I have 4 years of working experience in NSW, 20...
  11. S

    2019-2020 Pre-Invite received for NSW 511112 with 75 points- A concern for nomination.

    Dear Experts, I received a pre-invite from NSW with 75 points( Incl SS), I have accepted the invite on 4th December 2019 and paid the fees 330AUD, but didn't receive any information from Immigration after that. Some have received the approval for nomination as I was tracking other sites (80...
  12. G

    Subclass 190 190 Visa Application.

    Hi Guys, I live here in Sydney. I have submitted EOI for both 189 and 190 for NSW. I work in a company as a Service Desk Technician any my work duties involve coding and other stuffs. I started working in this company from last year Oct. I did my study skill assessment on Developer Programmer...
  13. LokeshR19690

    Subclass 190 Confusions & Clarifications over applying SC 190 NSW

    Hi All, I am planning to apply for SC 190 in coming months(Say Jan/Feb 2020). Have few questions which i need more details or sort of confusions and are listed below:- Age & English language points categorization i am very well clear of details and hence these are not an issue. Main...
  14. P

    NSW NSW 190 invitation round November 2019

    I am wondering if everyone has any news regarding NSW 190 invitation after the new points system has taken place on Nov 16. My occupation is graphic designer (Medium on NSW occupations list). Anyone has received an invitation on a similar occupation, or any in the last a couple of months? EOI...
  15. S

    Subclass 190 Job change during the Visa application process and change in occupation details?

    I have resigned from my current company on a notice period of 2 months (tentatively until Nov 3rd) and new joining date would be Nov 4th. However I received an invite for applying 190 from NSW .As I have 60 days to finalise the application, what details I am suppose to fill in the application -...
  16. M

    Subclass 190 Necessity of a job offer for 190 visa

    I have gained 80 points for 190 PR visa under 261313 occupation on 7th July 2019. Is is mandatory to have a job offer to get invited from NSW/Victoria states?
  17. R

    NSW Processing time for 190 visa

    I have lodged application under 190 category on May 6th..Till now no updates and processing time shown in my profile has now increased to 13-15 months. Is this normal?Did anyone who filed recently, after January 2019, receive a CO contact or something ?
  18. mohsinciddiki

    NSW New South Wales Skilled Nominated Migration (190) closed for FY 2018-19

    Announcement – NSW skilled nominated migration (190) closed for 2018-19 We would like to announce that we have met our quota of nominations for the Skilled-Nominated visa (subclass 190) for the 2018-19 financial year. We will announce the commencement of invitations to apply for NSW nomination...
  19. bahlv

    NSW 224711 Management Consultant with 75 Points for 190 (NSW) and 70 Points for 189

    Hi, I got my Skill Assessment report last month and they gave a positive assessment for Management Consultant. The bad news was that they considered the initial work ex as qualifying criteria and granted only from 16/06/2011 which makes my 8 years on 16 June 2019 and hence I get 5 more points...
  20. G

    Skill Select update

    Hi, I have submitted an EOI about 2 months ago with currently 75 points. In 20 days I’ll finish the Professional Year and will be able to claim 5 extra points. My question is, can I go to my EOI and update my points considering I’m 20 days away to actually completed the Professional Year? As...