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  1. Illusionist90

    NSW Electronics or telecommunication Engineer with 70+5 points for 190 NSW has better chances?

    Does Electronics Engineer or Telecommunication Engineer with 70 + 5 (state sponsorship) =75 has better chances to get invitation after new financial year 2019? Electronics or telecommunication Engineer please post here if you are waiting or already got invitation. This will be very helpful for...
  2. dhruvvsst

    EOI 190 NSW with 70 points.. what are the conditions?

    Hi, I have received invitation for NSW 190 for 70 points on 18th Jan with painting 332211 .. I am turning 33 in 2 weeks, so will my 5 age points decreased.. ?? I am going to lodge visa asap but Am I eligible to get visa ? As I am in Victoria, what are the visa working and living conditions ...
  3. A

    NSW How soon will get NSW state invitation with 70 points?

    I have submitted my EOI on 11Jan with 65 points and I got additional 5 points on 12June, 2018 of my partner skills. So now I am with 70 points and applied for 189 and 190 as well. I have submitted 190 in NSW state. So , I want to know will get state invitation in next round or how long will...
  4. sanjay.somraj

    General 190 Subclass - NSW

    Hi, I have, considering all relevant factors, 65 points (15 Age + 15 Edu + 15 Exp + 20 Engl Lang- PTE 79+). I could add another 5 points for partner skills. My occupation, ICT Project Manager (135112), is not in the accepted SOL for Subclass 189. Hence, I was considering Subclass 190 for either...