1. T

    NSW Have anyone missed invitation email?

    I just found that I had recieved the NSW State nomination back in January. I was furious why I was not getting invitation, I also used to constantly check and search in email but I dont know how I missed it, even though searching with diff keyword “skill”, “skill select”that email didnt came in...
  2. L

    Subclass 190 EOI from last year still valid for 2022-23 invitations?

    Hi Guys, I know most migration programmes have been rolled out for 22-23. I am patiently waiting for NSW to open theirs. I noticed Queensland have newly stated "Updating existing EOIs submitted prior to the 16 August 2022 will not be invited.” I have never heard of this happening before and...
  3. B

    Re-submitting EOI for each states

    Hi, I'm an offshore applicant.My agent has submitted several EOI for all the states under subclass 190,491 2020 November. But still, I haven't received any feedback from the agent because till recent the offshore applications was not considered. I feel that my agent is not much giving me...
  4. V

    Chances of state nomination for NSW 190 in current trend

    Hello, What are the chances of getting invited for 190 visa from NSW with 85 points (including state nomination) ? ANZCO : 261312. EOI submission : Dec 2019 Looking forward to your comments. Vishnu.
  5. V

    When can we expect them to open the payment portal for 491 applications in the NSW regions?

    When can we expect them to open the payment portal for 491 applications in the NSW regions. Thank you in advance
  6. A

    NSW Current points required for 190 in NSW

    Hi all. I wish to apply for state nomination from NSW for the 190 visa. I have 70-75 points depending on my experience (75-80 with state nomination). Is this enough to be nominated by NSW under ANZSCO 233512 or 233513? (they are both on NSW nom list). Is there any way I can find this out myself...
  7. Hasan.gharaibeh

    NSW Can I apply for visa (class-400) while I am waiting for PR invitation ?

    Hi, I have applied for EOI and still waiting the invitation and hopefully I can get it before my current visa will run out, I am on visa (class 485) this will expire soon, I was thinking to apply for visa ( class-400 ) while I can wait for my invitation lawfully, thoughts? Visa 400...
  8. LokeshR19690

    Subclass 190 Confusions & Clarifications over applying SC 190 NSW

    Hi All, I am planning to apply for SC 190 in coming months(Say Jan/Feb 2020). Have few questions which i need more details or sort of confusions and are listed below:- Age & English language points categorization i am very well clear of details and hence these are not an issue. Main...
  9. P

    Subclass 489 SS 489 state sponsored visa (Riverina, NSW)

    489 state sponsored visa (Riverina, NSW) Gang... Who all are waiting/have recently been granted 489 state sponsored visa (Riverina, NSW)?? Let's use this thread to help Others with timeline processes.
  10. I

    NSW Got an email saying "Application Approved" but did not receive a link in SkillSelect

    Hey Guys, I had applied for visa subclass 190 and got an email from NSW Gov in a week asking me to upload the documents supporting my point related claims( the standard online form ). After submitting the same, I received an email from NSW Gov in 5 days stating my application has been approved...
  11. K

    NSW Should I assume that I won't get the pre-invite...

    It has been 1.5 months but unfortunately I haven't received the invitation (pre-invite) to apply for NSW state nomination. Does it mean that I am not selected? My basis are the following: 1. My occupation is uncommon (last year around 90 applicants were invited for 189) so I guess there are few...
  12. wanderlust3108

    ACS Skill Letter lists all experience as India

    Hi, My ACS skill-assessment happened back in Nov 2017. In the skill letter all of my relevant experience are in the current company, ABC, with the location mentioned as India. However, I have travelled to Hong Kong (onsite) from ABC multiple times - some of those trips were for short-term (3...
  13. P

    NSW NSW Invitation for 75+5 Points (263111- Computer Network Professional)

    Hi Admin, I have lodged my EOI in Computer Network Professional (263111) on 12th April 2019 with below points Total :75+5(SS) Experience:10 English:20 Age:30 EDU:15 Would you please tell me some information about when I can expect the Invite.
  14. Illusionist90

    NSW Electronics or telecommunication Engineer with 70+5 points for 190 NSW has better chances?

    Does Electronics Engineer or Telecommunication Engineer with 70 + 5 (state sponsorship) =75 has better chances to get invitation after new financial year 2019? Electronics or telecommunication Engineer please post here if you are waiting or already got invitation. This will be very helpful for...
  15. Illusionist90

    NSW Electronics Engineer with 75 points(including SS) chances for getting 190SC for NSW

    Hi there What are the chances for Electronics Engineer with 75 points (including 5 state points for getting 190 NSW visa? My EOI date is 20/02/2019. Anybody here/anybody you know got invitation recenly with this point. Please let me know. It will definitely help many people. Thanks My EOI...
  16. V

    NSW 221214 Internal Auditor

    Hi everyone, I really need your opinion whether is there any chance for getting an invitation for SC 190 with 75 points under the occupation 221214 (internal auditor)? For a while the cut off point for auditors under SC 189 is 80. But as we all know there’s no such data for SC 190. So please...
  17. A

    NSW NSW Invitation for 70+5 Points ( 261312 OR 261313)

    Hi Guys, Anyone received the invitation from NSW recently under 261312 or 261313 category with below points? Total :70+5(SS) Experience:5 English:20
  18. B

    NSW Waiting period for NSW nomination

    Hi, I have lodged my EOI in February 2019 with 70 points for NSW state nomination as a Developer Programer. Can anybody tell what is the waiting period for 70 points holders ? I am QLD graduate and currently working full time as a Developer in Qld. I could not apply for qld state nomination as...
  19. T

    VIC VIC, NSW 190 EOI and 189

    Hi I have entered my EOI for 189 subclass with 70 Points, below is the breakup of points For 189 subclass Age: 25 English: 20 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Total = 70 For 190 (For NSW and VIC) Age: 25 English: 20 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Partner skills: 5 State Nomination: 5 Total = 80...
  20. LloydMcCain

    Subclass 189 Does Bridging Visa B affect 189 Processing time?

    Hi Everyone, Currently I have applied for visa 189 (got invitation and submitted the application already). While me and my partner are waiting for the visa 189 to be granted, we will go back to our country for the Lunar New Year holiday. We are applying for BVB to be allowed to travel. I will...