1. T

    VIC VIC, NSW 190 EOI and 189

    Hi I have entered my EOI for 189 subclass with 70 Points, below is the breakup of points For 189 subclass Age: 25 English: 20 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Total = 70 For 190 (For NSW and VIC) Age: 25 English: 20 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Partner skills: 5 State Nomination: 5 Total = 80...
  2. LloydMcCain

    Subclass 189 Does Bridging Visa B affect 189 Processing time?

    Hi Everyone, Currently I have applied for visa 189 (got invitation and submitted the application already). While me and my partner are waiting for the visa 189 to be granted, we will go back to our country for the Lunar New Year holiday. We are applying for BVB to be allowed to travel. I will...
  3. A

    VIC NSW / VIC Chances for Invite with 60+5 Points

    Hi, I had submitted my multiple EOI on 16-07-2017 for NSW & VIC each with 60+5 (State Points), however till now I haven't received the invitation. It is almost an year now, are there any chances of invite or I should give up? Regards, Ahsan
  4. pradeepmg

    NSW & Vic 190 ITA

    Hello, We have applied for NSW and Victoria with 65+5 points on 15th February and have not received invite yet. As I understand NSW does not reveal the details of the invite. I wish to know if anyone with the score 70+5 has received the invite in recent days? for NSW or Victoria?
  5. J

    Subclass 190 Do I stand a chance?

    Hi guys, what are the chances of me getting invited for NSW state nomination with 65 points? I applied under anzco 254499 - Registered Nurse NEC. I would really appreciate your answers. Thank you. :)
  6. A

    NSW Medical Lab Scientist (visa 190)

    Hi all, I'm kind a new for this forum. I have applied for NSW visa 190 (65+5) points on 7th Apr 2018 for occupation Medical Laboratory Scientist (ANZSCO: 234611) Any senior who has been invited with the similar application (regardless for visa 189 or 190)? I need to know the timeline for this...
  7. D

    NSW Does anyone received a NSW 190 invitation for an Engineer field this year/2018?

    Hello All, Good morning. I have applied for NSW 190 visa as Telecommunication Network Enginner 2 weeks ago with 85 points, I know there was a invitation round this week, because some IT friends were invied, but I have not received the invitation yet. Do you enginner guys are also waiting for...
  8. Hamoudy

    NSW stream 2

    Hello guys I want to apply for Visa 190 NSW stream 2. My points: 70 including state sponsorship. - Is this average considered enough to get an invitation? High chances? - Incase I wasn’t invited can I change the information at EOI and change the state nomination area? How often can I change? -...
  9. I

    Expression 190 NSW

    I have 65 points in my hand. I am an Accountant. I have studied from Australia. I have applied on 31 July 2017 EOI 190 (NSW). Can somebody tell me, how much time does the NSW migration take nowadays to issue EOI 190 invitation (Not nomination timeframe). Thanks!!
  10. Prasad Borwankar

    ACS English Assessment points considerations for State Sponsorship

    I have applied under sub class 190 for NSW and Victoria with 65 points (including state sponsorship). My occupation code is 261111-ICT Business Analyst. EOI effective date is 4/7/17. My PTE scores are Listening-78, Reading-82, Writing-87 and Speaking-89. Had I got 79 in Listening, my score would...
  11. M

    chance for getting 190 subclass invitation (software engineer)

    Dear all, I has submitted my EOI on 12/05/2017 for 261313 software engineer My points are 60 for 189 and 65 for 190. Applied for NSW. Age : 30 Work experience : 15 points Study : 15 points Language: 0 points (speaking 6.5, listening 6, reading 6.5, writing 7) Could you please tell me that...
  12. S

    NSW 190

    Hi all, does anyone have any updates on NSW 190 for occupational health and safety advisor? applied EOI with 60+5 points and waiting for a response.
  13. N

    Anybody received Nomination from NSW for 233914 Code?

    Anybody received Nomination from NSW for 233914 Code Recent Days?
  14. N

    NSW state nomination - with 55 marks for Engineer Technologist

    Hi All, Currently I have 55 points and I was awarded as Engineer Technologist(233914) by Engineers Australia although I have a BSc(Hons) in civil Engineering. I hope to get state nomination from NSW only to get 5 marks. Will I be able to get nominated by this state (I'm not referring to get SC...
  15. N

    EA Australian PR process - Engineer Technologist

    It would be a great help for me if you can spend some time on reading this and give me an advice. I have an idea in migrating to Australia. I got my positive skill assessment under engineer technologist. Currently I have 55 points of marks and by the end of June it will be 60 points since I'm...
  16. S

    NSW SC 190

    Dears , For those who applied to NSW SC190 as external auditors/ accountants with 75 points and got invited, how long did you wait before getting the invitation? Thanks
  17. Vinodh kumar

    EA Electronics engineer

    Hi, I have positive skills assessment for electronics engineer on 8/12/2016 and EOI dated 31/12/2016 for NSW. I have 55 points without state nomination. I applied it all but doesn't understand how the system picks the candidates, so do I have 55 or 60 points after applied for NSW state ??
  18. L

    What are the exact invitation criteria NSW maintains for Accountants - no invitation with 75 points

    Dear Hemant, Congratulations for your invitations for 190 NSW, I am a bit worry about mine, too! I applied 190 NSW (221111) with 75 points also on 5/12/2016, but not received any invitation yet! Even you had applied after me, but you got invitation before me, I don't know what to do now :((
  19. A

    General Finding a job in Australia - Mechanical Engineering

    As a mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience in MEGA projects .. what are the things i need to do find a job in Australia, knowing that i have an Australian PR but my experience in outside Australia ? Which state is most recommended for Engineering jobs (Especially construction...
  20. S

    Accepting 189 invitation after 190 NSW sponsorship is approved

    Dear Admin, I have reading your replies for very long and cudos to your efforts in answering questions. Here is my question. I applied for both SC189 and SC190. Last month, I received nomination from NSW for SC190 and I had uploaded all docs and paid 300AUD fee but no reply yet from them. Today...