1. H

    Adding baby to 485 offshore

    Hello 😃 I am currently on a bridging visa waiting for my 485 graduate visa to be accepted. I am pregnant and due in December. My partner and I would love to go back to the UK to give birth, but are wondering what the process is to add the baby to an already granted (presuming it will be my then)...
  2. D

    Info 491 offshore 222311

    Hello members, is there anyone who has applied or waiting or planning to apply for financial investment advisor under subclass 491 for Australia ? I am waiting for the occupation to open in any state, and my points are 75 without state sponsorship.
  3. A

    ACT 190 offshore processing time after reopen

    Hi folks, I have been waiting for the ACT 190 offshore visa grant (or a CO contact) since Feb 2020... however, my application status has been remained "received" during the COVID shut-off for all the offshore applicants. I believe there are more ppl like me who are waiting and hoping the reopen...
  4. A

    NSW Apply with or without spouse? 190/491 visa

    Dear all, I have few inquiries which I need to resolve as per latest update of NSW state nomination subclass 190/491. Background: Offshore 29 years old Married Civil engineer (ANZSCO 233211) NAATI CCL Certified Language proficiency - superior No work experience Case: My total score without...
  5. R

    VETASSESS Hi Guys, Pls advise me.

    I am a real estate agent in India and been working for ten years. I have been planning to get my Vetassess done in near future. I have been performing all the duties listed under ANZSCO:- Group: 6121 Real Estate Sales Agents Description Sell, lease and manage commercial...
  6. T

    VETASSESS FREELANCERS, how do prove your working experience?

    Hi there, I am a freelance graphic designer wanting to apply for 190 (Offshore). Is there any freelance who succesfully get fully positive skill assesment? If so, what documents did you provide in order to prove your experiences? Did they cut any years? I found this new article by vetassess on...
  7. C

    Subclass 190 Travel while 190 visa is processing

    After lodging a 190 visa offshore, are we allowed to enter australia on a ETA or tourist visa to visit family while waiting for the 190 visa to be processed? or do we have to wait until an outcome of visa application has been finalised to be able to travel to australia?
  8. C

    2019-2020 Travel to Aus after 190 offshore lodgement?

    After lodging a 190 visa offshore, are we allowed to enter australia on a ETA or tourist visa to visit family while waiting for the 190 visa to be processed? or we cannot enter australia until an outcome of visa application has been finalised?
  9. S

    Info Regarding 491 visa

    Hi all , Could someone please tell does Northern Territory require job offer as per requirement for 491 visa? This is for my wife. I am an offshore applicant, done vetassess assessment under pharmacy tech. which is under STSOL. Does it require job offer in order to apply. 491 visa and NT are the...
  10. C

    Offshore or Onshore

    Hi All, I've lodged my application on 12th April 2019 with 75 points but till no updates. Meanwhile I have moved to Australia on June 2019 in 482 category and updated my Australia address after that. However, my wife is still in my home country and her address remains as is. Now, do they...
  11. L

    Subclass 189 Is there any advantage for onshore applicants when compared to offshore??

    Hi Guys, Just to compare few things, I was wondering like is there any added advantage for the onshore applicants with a full time job when compared to the offshore applicants? I don't think there would be any benefit during the invite process but does the case officer sees this an added...
  12. S

    Eligibility for Management Consultant 224711 under 489 visa

    I am a 40 yr old offshore applicant, around 5 years work experience in Management consultant 224711, wanted to confirm which state I am eligible for to apply under 489 visa ( 60 +10). Please reply.
  13. nnawalage

    SA Subclass 190: South Australia for offshore applicant

    Is it possible for offshore applicants who DOES NOT have any Australian work experience to apply under Subclass 190 for South Australia? If this is possible, can you please explain the steps? (I have 70 points including 5 points for state nomination for 261313 (Software Engineer)) I was going...
  14. F

    General Offshore visa (189) lodgement

    Hello everyone! I've recently applied for a visa subclass 189 and got refused (because I lodged too early before I got my skills assessment). As per advice from migration counselor, I filed for an appeal to buy time. She told me that I can send my EOI while I am on appeal and exit the country...
  15. M

    Is Form 80 mandatory for offshore applicants

    Hi all, Please help me for the same issue, is it mandatory to upload form 80 for me & wife upon not requested by CO? Also what time approximately do I know if there any CO check my application or yet? Thanks a lot for any advice .