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    Subclass 189 My wife's PCC was issued with her old passport number on it. Is it OK ?

    Hi guys, Today, I got PCC for my wife from my country of residence. In that, her old passport number was mentioned as the new passport number was not updated in their database (We did not do it as it was not mandatory). So, will the CO accept the PCC with her old passport number, if I attach...
  2. SC189

    ACS and PTE with old passport and EOI with New passport

    Dear Admin, Here is the situation. ACS - 29-Feb - Old Passport number PTE 15-Oct -Old Passport Number EOI 9-Nov - Old Passport Number All the pages in Passport were used so renewed passport on 11-Nov-16. All PCC 25nov16- New Passport Number 189 Invite received on 21-Dec. Application...