1. C

    Info Visitor Visa 600 for Parents (Sponsored family)

    Hi I have applied for visa for my parents about more than a month ago, the medical and exemption was finalised last week, how long does it take these days to get visa after the exemptions, medical and biometric.
  2. L

    Guide Visa 870: Anyone who has already applied or did some research can help.

    Hi Guys, Can someone please help / guide me how to proceed with this Parent visa and I know this is not a good time to apply for this visa, but if we did apply I guess our application would be Q'ed. How much time does it takes for approval? @mohsinciddiki are they giving any grants to temporary...
  3. JohnP

    PR for Parents

    Hi All, This question is for people who are single children and want to find out if there is a way to support their parents in their old age by bringing them to Australia. What are possible VISA options for parents which make it possible for their children to be with them while they need help...
  4. S

    Family Balance test for 1-3 year visit Visa for Parents

    Hello ! Is this policy to have family balance test in order to invite parents for visit visa for more than 3 months period to Australia ? regards Raza