partner addition

  1. jassigill

    I have a question regarding including partner in the visa?

    I want to include my husband in my application. I did tick yes for the "Would the client be accompanied by their partner in a future application?" Then I am not sure about the second question. If I tick the thing , it does says you may include your partner or your child. So, I tick this yes as...
  2. R

    Info Student visa woes and confusion

    Hi, I am currently holding a student visa that will expire at the end of August. However, I have received my degree conferral. According to my visa condition, I ma not allowed to work after being granted the degree. I will be applying for a temporary graduate visa soon. Am I right to assume that...
  3. sabyhq13

    Subclass 189 Adding spouse after invitation and before lodging visa (after 16th Nov rule update)

    I am currently single/unmarried and in the process of filing my EOI. - If I get my invitation as a single applicant and before lodging my visa application my marital status changes to married, will I need skills assessment of my spouse or English proficiency proof? - Considering the EOI was...