partner related thread

  1. vinvenzo

    Subclass 190 Wife's workplace change

    Hello, We have recently applied for 190 visa. In our application we have provided work history that was true on the moment of application, however my wife has started a new job afterwards. Two questions we have: Do we need to update our application with the information about her new...
  2. atifiqbal1985

    Subclass 189 Employment Verification Of Partner?

    Hi all, I have lodged my Visa application 2 weeks back, and uploaded all the required documents. Since I have claimed partner points, therefore, I uploaded the work experience letter, RnR letter, skill assessment of my partner as well. Currently I am informing my ex employers to give them...
  3. R

    Migration problem with partner

    Hello, my name is Raju from Mumbai India. I got my positive assessment with my body and want further procedure with skill select and NSW state nomination. My problem is my partner does not want to come in Australia neither she wants to put her name in Skill Select and SP in NSW. We are not...