partner skill assesment

  1. R

    2019-2020 Partner skill assessment 5 points

    Dear Team, Can someone please guide me what’s the exact criteria to claim 5 extra points on top of English competency for the basis of partner skill set ? Here is my situation- My wife has around 8 years of exprience around computer network and system engineer category, but in last 2 years her...
  2. N

    Skill Select points

    Hi, I have a superior score in PTE(90 in all sections) and have also assessed my skills by ACS. I have a bachelors from India and a masters from the US. My work experience outside Australia is 8.5 years. In addition to that my wife has a proficient score in PTE and has also assessed her skills...
  3. jithinswz

    EA To Claim 5 Points for partner skills

    Greetings All, My wife graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from India in 2009. However she doesn't have a similar work experience that is matching neither Electrical Engineering or Electronics Engineering ANZCO code. Will she still able to get a positive skill assessment from...
  4. S

    EA Get assessed for studies and claiming points for partner skills

    Hello, I am the Primary Applicant and my husband has a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. And he has 5 years of work experience which is not entirely related to his field of study. I have assessed my experience under ACS- Software Engineer- 261313 - MLTSSL list, and...
  5. D

    ACS Can I use my ACS outcome letter to claim 5 points for partner skills?

    Hello All, I have a question about Partner Skills. Just to make sure that I am right. I got my ACS Accessment outcome letter (attached) and I was recognised as Network and Systems Engineer. I did it using a RPL application because I do not have a Bacharel. I understand that I can claim the 5...
  6. A

    How to gain extra 5 points for Partner skill asessment

    Hi All, I have submitted my eoi with 65 points under mechanical engineer. Where my wife is primary applicant. I want to gain partner 5 points. My education degree is Bachelor in commerce and Master degree in IT. With overall 6+ years of experience in IT domain as System administrator...