partner skill

  1. K

    Subclass 190 Partner Skill Points - does it require that your partner's occupation be included in the state's occupation list you are applying for?

    I am the main applicant applying for a state nomination and considering to add more points through partner skill points. My only concern is that the occupation of my wife is not opened/listed under the occupation list of the state I am applying for (although her occupation is eligible for visa...
  2. Shalini choudhary

    Can the primary applicant expect an invitation if he claims partner's skill points and the partner's IELTS has expired

    If someone is claiming partnerskill points but now IELTS has been expired then still the primary applicant can expect the invite from DIBP or State.
  3. S

    EA Get assessed for studies and claiming points for partner skills

    Hello, I am the Primary Applicant and my husband has a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. And he has 5 years of work experience which is not entirely related to his field of study. I have assessed my experience under ACS- Software Engineer- 261313 - MLTSSL list, and...
  4. S

    Couldn't claim 5 points for Partner's skills

    Hi there. I had submitted an EOI for subclass 189 visa. We both did our skills assessed by relevant agencies and both of out occupations are listed as MLTSSL. My occupation is assessed for Engineering Technologist and my partner's one is for University Lecturer. Apart from this my partner meets...
  5. S

    Can I claim partner 5 points for an ongoing skill assessment for visa 189?

    I am going to apply for point-based general migration 189 visa, Australia. Can I claim 5 points for my partner, if his skill assessment is still ongoing and not completed? Is it only mandatory during the invitation or should I ignore partners point without a completed assessment? How long I...
  6. S

    Partner ANZSCO Code

    Hi All, I have query regarding claiming Partner Points. I understand she has to be less than 50 years, need to score in PTE and the SOL should be same with positive assessment. 1) I am a software developer (2613-12) and she is a software engineer (2613-13), are these both considered as same...
  7. MysticRiver

    2017-2018 Claiming points for partner skills

    Updated with the latest criteria You can claim partner skills if, when you are invited, your partner: is under 50 years of age has competent English has an occupation that is on the same skilled occupations list as your nominated occupation has been assessed by the relevant assessing authority...