1. JeffreyDT

    189 New Zealand Stream Adding Partner

    Hello, I'm in a very difficult situation and was looking for some help. So I am from the USA on a 462 Work and Holiday Visa. I come to Australia specifically to be with my partner who is a New Zealand citizen. She is not an eligible new zealand citizen. She is on a 444 visa and looking to apply...
  2. L

    Info Partner visa Form 888 statutory declaration

    Hi, Is it OK to take statutory declaration (Form 888) from my own brother for Partner visa application of my spouse? My brother is a PR
  3. S

    EOI partner question

    Just would like to know for the question * Are there any family members the client would like to include in a future application? should I choose no if only my husband will be included in the future application? Thanks.
  4. T

    Other Please help me with queries on Partners Skill Assessment

    Hi All, I need assistance. I have already submitted EOI for 189 @ 75 and 190 @ 80 for Victoria under ANZSCO 263111 including my husband's PTE scores. My Husband is an Accountant and I want to apply for his skill assessments under 221111 -General Accountant, please can anyone tell me what...
  5. D

    2018-2019 Form 1221 question 34 for 820/801

    Hi there, I am filling out Form 1221 for an 820/801 Visa with my partner and have gotten suck on question 34. If you have applied for a visitors visa goto part J If you have applied for a business visa goto part K If you have applied for a migration visa goto part L If you have applied for a...
  6. N

    Subclass 189 Further evidence of relationship with the spouse

    Hi everyone, Sorry for long message, if you had the same experience, I would be thankful if you share it with us. I have previously posted on this post ( FYI, my husband did not claim extra...
  7. atifiqbal1985

    Subclass 189 Employment Verification Of Partner?

    Hi all, I have lodged my Visa application 2 weeks back, and uploaded all the required documents. Since I have claimed partner points, therefore, I uploaded the work experience letter, RnR letter, skill assessment of my partner as well. Currently I am informing my ex employers to give them...
  8. F

    Form 80 employment question/ files upload online via Immi

    Hi all, My situation: I am applying for a defacto (offshore). ➖I am unsure of a little thing in the Form 80. While I was studying and living on many visas in Australia I did work for myself under an ABN as a dancer for many years in addition to other jobs. The question require to write down all...
  9. nosepicker

    VIC Partner Skills - 190 MLTSSL and STSOL

    Hello everyone, I am in doubt whether I can or cannot claim points for Partner Skills - Visa 190. My ANZSCO Code: 261312 (Developer Programmer) [MLTSSL] Partner's ANZSCO Code: 232411 (Graphic Designer) [STSOL] Both are in the CSOL (Combined Skilled Occupations List)...
  10. S

    Information required on additional 5 points and 489 Visa

    I have accumulated 70 points (Age - 15, Qualification - 15, Skills - Systems Analysts code #261112 – 15, English Language - 15, and State Sponsor - 5 Points) and applied for 190 for the both NSW and Victoria states early this month. However, going by the trends, having additional 5 points will...
  11. B

    How to add partner on Post Graduate Visa (485)

    I am currently on Post Graduate Visa (485), and I wish to add my partner to 485 visa as well. She is currently on student visa. Does she apply for the visa or do I apply for it , and what visa category do I apply to. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance
  12. Nishant Kumar

    Other name left unanswered in Partner Visa 309.

    Hi I need urgent help and advice related to one mistake that I made in the 309 application. I was using my first name Nishant everywhere and even on my passport. Now, I added my surname Kumar to it and full name is NISHANT KUMAR now. But in my application I said No in the section where I was...
  13. Olamide Sode

    Add fiance in the application

    @MysticRiver Thanks so much for this info. Another Question is. My EOI marital status is engaged and I want to add her in my application. What is the best way to go about it? I am not claiming points from her. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. Thanks in advance.
  14. MysticRiver

    Rules Required evidence for adding Partner

    You can include the following family members as secondary applicants in your visa application: Your partner A dependent child of you or your partner A dependent relative of you or your partner. For definitions of the above relations, see the definition page. Here is the documentation...