passport expiry

  1. C

    189 visa application with about to expire passport

    hi there, i received a 189 invite recently but my passport is expiring within a month, i am confused as to apply with the old passport which is about to expire and renew it when the CO ask and update it or should i apply for a renewal of the passport and apply once the new passport comes
  2. C

    Info 189 invitation received today;inquiry related to passport expiry

    Hi there, I received my 189 invitation today to apply for PR, but my question is regarding my passport expiry which is due to expire on 22/11/22 which is 1.5 months from now and I did my skill select EOI with the same passport so I am confused now as to renew my passport for another 10 years and...
  3. S

    Resident Return, New Passport & 929 Form...

    Hello, I wonder if anyone could help me with a little problem i'm having. I'm a PR but my right to return has expired after 5 years. My UK passport has also expired and i've just replaced it. I need to travel internationally in Jan 21. My problem is that I've had to submit 929 form via...
  4. H

    Renewed passport after EOI application. Do I need to file a new EOI?

    Hi Team, I have filed an 189 and 190 EOI in May 2019 and renewed my passport in Sep 2019. So the EOI has my old passport details. In this case, do I need to file a new EOI as there is no passport update request in EOI. Or shall I wait for Invite and then share new passport details?
  5. S

    Subclass 489 SS Passport detail update in immi account

    Hi, I have applied for Australian 489 visa in November'18 and not yet received my visa grant. Now the issue is my passport will expire in December 2019. Should I renew my passport and update my new passport details to my Immi account or wait till December'19. If incase I have to update My...
  6. A

    Subclass 190 Passport details changed after receiving ACS

    I got mine and spouse's ACS done and applied EOI on 3rd Feb'19. As my Indian passport was expiring, I applied and got a new passport today. As, I have already applied for EOI with spouse as primary applicant and myself as secondary, I have below questions - 1) Do I need to intimate ACS...
  7. Typewriter

    Updating passport details after EOI is lodged

    Let's say applicant has passport expiring in 2020. Would it have any negative consequences if application is made with the "old" passport and particulars are updated later? Or authority might reject application outright and request a new one, started with the "new" passport fresh.
  8. B

    Passport expire in short time

    Hi , i have received an invitation to lodge a Skilled - Independent (Subclass 189) (Points-Tested Stream) visa application Mar-19, but my passport will expire on Oct-19, all my supportive documants are available with my current passport. 1. pls let me how will effect if i submit with current...
  9. P

    Passport expiration, EOI invite & Grant

    @MysticRiver, @Rakshanda Folks, 1) My Passport is getting expired by next October 2) My wife’s passport is getting expired by March next year. If I get the invite by January and If I file the application, will it have any impact on the co-applicant if it takes longer time to grant...
  10. Dileep

    Reg: Change in address & contact; and new passport

    Hi guys, I have a couple of doubts here. I am awaiting the ITA, and expect it in Nov/Dec. I am currently in Qatar, and I intend to move back to India once I lodge the application. In such a case, I understand that I've to submit the changes via form 1023, updating the address and contact number...