1. J

    Subclass 186 How to ask case officer a question and how long they respond?

    The case officer assign to me is asking for my medical and he send me a medical request (HAP ID) however my passport number in the request is incorrect of one character. how can i ask the case officer to change mu passport number on the medical request? And how long they ussually reapond...
  2. M

    I have difficulties updating my new passport details

    I am a Malaysian who live in Australia with Permanent residency which valid until next year Feb. However, my passport is expiring on Dec 2019 and I have planned a trip to Bali in two weeks (end of June). I just got renewed and received my new passport today but i was having difficulties updating...
  3. S

    passport details - Place of issue/issuing authority:

    For passport details - Place of issue/issuing authority: I hold an Indian passport which depicts the place of issue in the biodata page. But, what is the issuing authority?
  4. Typewriter

    Updating passport details after EOI is lodged

    Let's say applicant has passport expiring in 2020. Would it have any negative consequences if application is made with the "old" passport and particulars are updated later? Or authority might reject application outright and request a new one, started with the "new" passport fresh.
  5. Grant2

    Passport Submission for Visa Application

    To upload passport after lodgement of visa application. Do i need to upload ONLY data Page (picture and other detail is mentioned there) or do i need to scan all pages and make one pdf file and upload in the immi account. Please advise.
  6. G

    Form 80 & past travel/passports

    Hey! Thanks for upkeeping this website - it has been a great source of information! I'm transitioning from a 457 to a 189 VISA (Canadian passport), and am currently getting all the paperwork ready. I just received my invitation today, so that's very exciting. I'm in the process of filling out...
  7. MysticRiver

    Visa Restrictions Index - most powerful passports - visa requirements for the Australians

    According to Visa Restrictions Index 2016 by The Henley & Partners, Australian passport is ranked 8th in the world in terms of freedom of travel with visa-free (or VOA) entry to 169 countries and territories. The passport index 2017 reports 153 countries for Australians to get visa free access...
  8. A

    Guide Old passport number in visa grant letter - change passport details

    Hello Mysticriver, I have a question regarding my wife's visa grant letter. Whiles our visa application was been assessed, I uploaded form 929 and all the necessary documents for a new passport (with name change due to marriage) for my wife but on my wife's visa Grant letter, her new name...
  9. yasminaosman

    Lost passport and rejected visa in another country

    Mystic river, good morning. Do u have any idea about Canadian visas procedures?? I told you once before that my husband applied 3 times before to Canada education and visit visas. 3 times refused. I will definitely mention this in form 80. But I have no data whatsoever for the 1st and 2nd...