pathway 887

  1. P

    Subclass 489 SS Pathway to 887 - Need clarity!

    Hi There, I'd be applying for 887 in few months could anyone clarify the following as a 489 visa holder- 1) Unfortunately due to redundancy I worked for more than 12months, can produce 54 weeks of salary slips ( which includes xmas+new year holiday's & easter holidays) -my concern is can I...
  2. Zeeshan Saleem

    Applied for Subclass 887

    hi there, we applied for 887 3 months ago, but made a mistake by not adding our kids in the application. visa officer advised us to withdraw our application and resubmit it. just wondering that how long does it take further, and will this affect our case or not? please advice. regards. Please...
  3. S

    489 to 887 full time work requirement

    Hello, I hold a 489, just recently landed in AU. My intention is to convert my visa to a 887 permanent one after 2 years. I know I need to live in the designated area for at least 2 years and work full time at least 12 months. In my line of work (ESOL teaching) it is rare to have find full time...