payment evidence

  1. M

    ACS Seeking Guidance to Enhance ACS Assessment Documentation for 5 Years of Experience Claim

    I am a graduate of BS Computer Science from Pakistan, completing my degree in June 2015. I possess the following work experience: In Job1, Job2, and Job3, taxes were not applicable. However, I have diligently reported my income details to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) since my first...
  2. WHX

    ACS Number of documents limit for payment evidence

    Hi, I'm planning to apply for skills assessment under 261313 Software Engineer. I have worked in Japan for 3 years and going to attached the Japanese salary slips and it's translations as payment evidence. To meet the 3MB file size limit, I thought of splitting them into 6 files. (January and...
  3. A

    ACS Bank statement for ACS payment evidence

    Hello everyone, Commbank does not provide filtered statement for more than two years back. Because of this, I have to get 6 months of statement. My question is, Statement PDF include 100+ transactions and 6 pages. Is it okay to include only the pages with salary transaction? Can I include...
  4. L

    ACS Evidence of payment - Employment linked insurance

    Hi, I am having a hard time to collect evidence of payments from a specific employer. Basically, I worked for 2 years for a company as an intern. I have all payslips of this period (2013 - 2015). The problem is that my bank statements do not show the employer's name and I do not have any...
  5. N

    2019-2020 Alternative for employment payment evidence in ACS assessment

    Hi, Any alternatives for the employment payment evidence? In my case, my previous company bank account was closed and I haven’t kept any payslips. For my current job, company name is not mentioned in the bank statement rather it just say SALARY. Also I don’t have any tax records as I am working...
  6. bishta5

    ACS ACS Payment Evidence- Income Tax Returns(India)

    Dear All, I need help to understand the below scenario for ACS payment evidence. I have got the bank statement + Income Tax Return(ITR) as proof of income for my Indian job Experience. So would like to know should ITR be accessed with Financial year or Assessment year. Regards
  7. B

    ACS Updated ACS assessment - Payment Evidence documents

    Hello all, For my employment period of 2014-2015, I only have the payslips given to me by the employer. I do not have the bank statements. If I apply for assessment, with only the payslips, is it sure to get negatively assessed? Any help/suggestions would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.
  8. A

    VETASSESS Payment evidence with fluctuating records

    Hi everyone, I am on the way to assess my occupation to VETASSESS and have enquiry related to the payment evidence to prove my work experience. Actually, I can easily issue a bank statement, showing my workplace name, as an evidential. My main issue is that the salary is fluctuating, i.e. it...