1. P

    ACS Form16 and Payslips are not available for few years

    Hi , I'm new here... I'm a software engineer since 2010 till date, planning to apply for ACS and started collecting documents. I noticed, form16 & payslips are not available for 2010, 2012, 2014 financial years. I have the bank statements, but the employer's name is not fully visible in it. I...
  2. M

    ACS Translation of payslips in English

    Hi, the payslip format of one of my employers is not in English. It's a PDF including a 1 full page table with many fields related to accounting details (codes, tax and legal details, subtotals, and totals). The texts are the names of the fields of the table, some legal references and the...
  3. K

    Subclass 189 Is Form16 of all years mandatory?

    Hi, For my ACS assessment, I have sent proofs of employment from 2006 to current. In the result ACS considered my experience from ' after March 2010'. I got invitation and ready to apply for Visa. I only have Form16s from 2011 to till now. I have Form16s for the years before 2011. Are they...
  4. maandeswal

    VETASSESS Does VETASSESS award 15 points for Bachelor Degree Via Distance Education?

    I am planning to move as a Web Designer ( ANZSCO: 232414 ) to South Australia. And having few doubts regarding claiming points for my education and experience. I have 3years Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) degree from Sikkim Manipal University - Distance Education. Do they award...
  5. M

    489 to 887 Queries

    I have few questions related 887 visa, it might be bit weird to you. If any one can give me good response I will be really helpful. I looked online about it found nothing satisfactory. So I have mentioned all my question here, if I have the answer this tread might be really helpful for the next...
  6. D

    No payslip is available for a part of the total employment

    Hello Mystic River, I intend to submit by EOI for subclass 189 (Skilled occupation - Software Engineer) soon. I have got my skills assessed by the ACS and it is positive. I have held 5 jobs till now and all have been assessed as related to skilled occupation - Software Engineer. Now, as I have...