1. K

    Subclass 189 Is Form16 of all years mandatory?

    Hi, For my ACS assessment, I have sent proofs of employment from 2006 to current. In the result ACS considered my experience from ' after March 2010'. I got invitation and ready to apply for Visa. I only have Form16s from 2011 to till now. I have Form16s for the years before 2011. Are they...
  2. maandeswal

    VETASSESS Does VETASSESS award 15 points for Bachelor Degree Via Distance Education?

    I am planning to move as a Web Designer ( ANZSCO: 232414 ) to South Australia. And having few doubts regarding claiming points for my education and experience. I have 3years Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) degree from Sikkim Manipal University - Distance Education. Do they award...
  3. M

    489 to 887 Queries

    I have few questions related 887 visa, it might be bit weird to you. If any one can give me good response I will be really helpful. I looked online about it found nothing satisfactory. So I have mentioned all my question here, if I have the answer this tread might be really helpful for the next...
  4. D

    No payslip is available for a part of the total employment

    Hello Mystic River, I intend to submit by EOI for subclass 189 (Skilled occupation - Software Engineer) soon. I have got my skills assessed by the ACS and it is positive. I have held 5 jobs till now and all have been assessed as related to skilled occupation - Software Engineer. Now, as I have...