1. S

    Subclass 190 Police Clearance Durations When My Usual Residence Is Not Home Country

    Hi everyone, I am going to submit my visa application for 190 subclass. For the past 2 years I am working in Singapore and I have put Singapore as current residence in the EOI. I visited my home country multiple times in this duration for a total of 50 days. When I apply for the police...
  2. B

    Submitting 190 application without PCC?

    Hi all, Hope you are all well. I'm currently on a Temporary Graduate visa - Subclass 485. I have been nominated to apply for Skilled Nominated visa - Subclass 190 for the state of Victoria on November 18th, 2021 and so soon after started with the process. Once I, completed filling in the...
  3. aakyl4ever

    Singapore PCC (CoC) for 887 application.

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to apply for my (PR) 887 visa after a few months. As a requirement, I might need to apply CoC from Singapore (Singapore PCC) as I have lived for exactly 365 days. Appreciate if you could help me with answers I am looking for, 1) I have lived and worked for exactly 1...
  4. R

    Subclass 189 Can we get PCC and Medical done before we get Invitation to save time?

    Hi I have 80 points for 261312 and I think I'll get ITA in next month as per the current trend. I'm onshore and thinking to be ready with all docs to apply for visa ASAP. Can I do PCC and Medicals before applying for visa? Also, I'm living in Melbourne from July 2017. Do I need Indian PCC as well?
  5. nnawalage

    Subclass 189 Police clearance

    Hi, I am awaiting an ITA and collecting documents for Visa stage. When should we submit the police clearance in Visa?To take a police clearance, it would take about 3 weeks in my country. 1. Should I apply for PCC now and keep it ready while waiting for ITA? 2. Apply for PCC once ITA is...
  6. S

    Qatar PCC for Business Visa

    I had travelled to Qatar on business visa 3 times for a total duration of stay of 7 months. I had read posts a few weeks back in a different forum that PCC will not be issued for business visa holders from Qatar. If someone had the same situation, How did you handle this?
  7. H

    Subclass 190 Partner PCC and HC will expire next month

    @JS81 ,@MysticRiver , @Dileep - need your opinion - Our application was lodged May 1 2018. I had a CO contact mid August 2018 asking for some clarifications and then a second CO contact on 30 Jan 2019 requesting an updated PCC for me which I uploaded on 6th Feb 2019. No news since then. It's...
  8. A

    Subclass 189 China PCC from India

    Hi People , Can anyone please tell me how to get China PCC from India. I searched a few sites and even contacted them but was not of much help. Thanks in advance!
  9. balajigovindarao

    Reg. Police Clearance Certificate for Australia 489 Visa

    Hi, Reg. PCC for Aus 489 VISA application: I am an Indian citizen, so I got to obtain the PCC from "IndianPassportPortal services", that's fine. Also, I pursued a masters' degree & stayed in the United States under student visa from Jan 2016 to Sep 2017; My query: Should I need to obtain a...
  10. G

    Will a Police Clearance be required if I stayed in a country for 335 days

    Hi guys, I worked in Angola for exactly 1 year (First entry stamp on 1-Jan and final exit stamp on 31-Dec). During that period, I went out of the country for vacation for nearly 30 days. So, effectively, I stayed in Angola for 335 days, which is less than a year. In such circumstances, do I...
  11. Sangu hanjagi

    Subclass 189 PCC and Medical Test

    Hi Anyone, I got the invitation for 189 and my medical and PCC are not yet done. Can I Lodge my visa before that and get them done later? Is it possible to get Medical test done before submitting the visa?
  12. S

    Secondary applicants PCC about to expire

    I have lodged my VISA on 13/Oct/18, claimed my spouse points as well and submitted all the supporting docs for me and for my spouse. My spouse has stayed in UK from 2010 - 2012, we have got PCC for the same before lodging the visa (i.e, on 26/feb/2018). Now, spouse's PCC will expire on...
  13. R

    Do I need US PCC?

    Hello, I am putting all my docs together for 189 invite. Quick question - I was in the US from 2003 - Jan 18th 2009 and then in India from that date onwards. Do i need US PCC, since I have not been in the US for a period of 12 months in the last 10 years? Thanks in advance. @MysticRiver -...
  14. dkislits

    General 190 visa upload of the documents

    Hi, Just wondering if it's possible to upload PCC and health docs after lodging the visa and paying the fees but before CO asking for it?
  15. R

    Indian PCC Query

    Hi Guys, I am an Indian citizen and applying for Permanent residency (Sub class 189) and require PCC from India. I have been living in Australia from past 3 years. I received my invitation this November. Q1. Can I apply for this PCC in India as I am going to India on December 8th? or Should I...
  16. S

    Subclass 189 Can I submit Visa application before getting PCC and medical test?

    Hi All, I have received the invitation yesterday and lodging the Visa Application for 189 visa. I filled 17 steps application and the next step would be to submit documents before payment. I currently live in Dubai and got PCC from dubai and attached the same. Now In the process of getting PCC...
  17. V

    Subclass 189 Overseas PCC for applying 189

    hi everyone May i know if some has applied for 189 like recently. Is it ok to provide overseas pcc later or is it mandatory to provide it while applying itself? @MysticRiver can you please let me know, if you have any about this. Is there any change in application procedure recently? Thanks...
  18. Ajit

    Is a separate state PCC on top of FBI clearance required for USA residents?

    Can someone help me? Does the CO ask for State PCC if living in the USA? I've submitted the FBI PCC already. Will it serve the purpose?
  19. C

    Police Clearance UK

    Hi, @MysticRiver need your suggestion. I'm currently in the UK from last four years and will be leaving the UK in 1st week of March as my visa getting expired. Meanwhile, I have applied for Australia skilled migration (189) and hoping to get an invite at the end of 2018 with current trend...
  20. C

    When should we do PCC

    Hi All, Finally a CO is assigned for my case. But since I haven't uploaded any documentation, he has requested to upload documents (not provided any specific list) with Health check ups in the request check list. Now, do I have to upload my PCC right now, or can I wait until CO asks me them...