permanent residency

  1. Messi10

    NSW Movement to Australia

    Hi Guys, My PR is from May 2019 - April 2024 and I made my initial entry in Sep 2019. How long can I Stay outside Australia? Can I move to Australia whenever I want? Please share any knowledge around this. Thank You!
  2. T

    Other Please help me with queries on Partners Skill Assessment

    Hi All, I need assistance. I have already submitted EOI for 189 @ 75 and 190 @ 80 for Victoria under ANZSCO 263111 including my husband's PTE scores. My Husband is an Accountant and I want to apply for his skill assessments under 221111 -General Accountant, please can anyone tell me what...
  3. O

    TSS Subsequent entrant to PR

    Hello, I am on 482 TSS Subsequent entrant Visa, this was sponsored by my partner's company. I have found an employer here that offered me a permanent position job as a Software Engineer. Can I apply to Employee Nomination Scheme PR pathway with my current employer even though I am only...
  4. J

    TSS Subsequent entry visa to Permanent Resident Visa 189

    Hello, I am currently on TSS subsequent entry visa--it is sponsored by my wife's company hence I am only her dependent. I've found a permanent job here in Brisbane in line with my skill (IT) started working August 2019. I already have my ACS assessment skill and English exam. Could I apply...
  5. E

    Other Non approved overseas quantity surveying qualification

    Hi I am going to apply for skilled migration to Australia from an asian country with a UK BSc Quantity Surveying degree which does not have AIQS or any other recognized membership from an institute from any country. I have 2 and half years post qualified experience as a quantity surveyor. Will...
  6. Rajvansh

    EA Effect of banned EA report on Visa

    Dear sir/madam I had applied for skill assessment and I got rejected and banned for 12 months. I have also applied for PR visa application under independent skill visa as a secondary applicant and my wife as primary applicant. For the same I am not claiming my skill assessment in the PR...
  7. B

    Subclass 190 Chances of getting NSW 190 invitation?

    Hello guys, I've been seeing a lot of questions about 189 and 190 posted in this site and many quality replies given to them. So, I also would like to get an advice on my situation from you, because I'm not getting invitation as quick as I expected. My points breakdown and occupation is as...
  8. E

    PRTD required?

    Hi I have got Canada PR and booked tickets to travel Toronto on 20th April, 2018. Do I need to get PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document) ? before I on-board flight? or eTA will do for this purpose. Please guide me I am confused in this regard Thanks -Eswar
  9. M

    Any prediction when I will get my PR...

    Hi Everyone, Below are details: Subclass : 189 Developer Programmer : 261312 Lodge : 2017-03-19 : Wife as a dependent. CO Contact : 2017-05-24 : Asked for below information 1. To renew my current Passport, as it was getting expired on 22 Nov 2017 I read in DIBP site that you need atleast 6...
  10. S

    Full time work for 887 skilled migration

    Hi MysticRiver, I will soon be applying for 887 visa application,I am currently on 496.I just wanted to ask as a main applicant ,do I have to do IELTS again to show my English proficiency or just show my old IELTS certificate(which is now expired) and does my spouse have to do IELTS as well.She...
  11. F

    General Offshore visa (189) lodgement

    Hello everyone! I've recently applied for a visa subclass 189 and got refused (because I lodged too early before I got my skills assessment). As per advice from migration counselor, I filed for an appeal to buy time. She told me that I can send my EOI while I am on appeal and exit the country...
  12. S

    EA Electrical Engineer VISA 189

    Hi Folks, I have heard that its relatively easy to get the VISA 189 for electrical engineers applying with 60 points. Is it true ? And approx how much time it takes to get the VISA grant if all formalites like PCC medical check, documents upload completed and done the very next day we get an...
  13. R

    Information on Dependent and Main application for Australia PR

    I need info on the dependent and also main applicant for Australia PR. From this forum I got to know that I fall under ICT Minor and non-relevant job with my education so 6 Years will be deducted from my experience. So, now I am planning to include my wife as main applicant who has 9 years of IT...
  14. MysticRiver

    Benefits for the permanent residents of Australia

    An Australian permanent resident can live, work and study without restriction in Australia. They can avail most of the benefits offered to an Australian citizen, like free healthcare and education. The main difference is they cannot vote in the federal and state elections. However, they can...
  15. Santi

    Are student visa holders eligible for applying permanent residency (PR)?

    Hi @MysticRiver @Marcos Albuquerque @Rakshanda Just a quick question that popped into my mind just now, i am currently on student visa 500 granted last 28 October doing further studies here in Victoria. Having said that, Am I already eligible for PR application? Weird question isn't it? Just...
  16. Neil_man

    Permanent residency pathway for provisional visa 489

    Hi I believe I have a Unique situation. My wife and I were granted Australian Visa (489 subclass), (which is also known as a Professional Visa) during February 2015. It was a State Sponsored (South Australia) Visa. Since then we both Migrated and have stayed there for almost 2 years now. I...