1. F

    Must Degree used to claim qualification points be submitted for skills assessment?

    I am preparing to lodge an EOI for the 189/190 as a University Lecturer. I am currently preparing documents for the VETASSESS assessment for my work experience. According to VETASSESS, my BSc should be sufficient qualification to work in my field as a University Lecturer. I have a PhD though...
  2. evdonstoy

    Other PhD degree and industry experience

    Hi everyone, I am quite new here. I have a Ph.D. degree and industry experience in civil engineering (construction and structural design), what kind of skill assessment will I need for a 189 Subclass Visa?
  3. N

    graduate/PhD pathway no longer part of skilled migration VIC

    Hope you are all well! I just learned that there have been dramatic changes to the 190 visa program in Victoria. It seems that now all PhD students won't be eligible to nomination as in other states, and will have to apply to the standard process. Does anyone have any insights if this is...
  4. T

    189 invited to apply

    Hi all, I am nominated for 189 visa with total points of 90. 5 of these points is for 3 years work experience (20 hours per week) that I gained during my Ph.D. I used to work on a joint industry project (sponsored by 5 major international energy companies like BP and Shell) and getting money...
  5. Miladgh

    PhD in Biomedical science with bachelor and master degree in Biomedical Engineering

    Dear all My Bachelor and master degrees are in Biomedical engineering. In my PhD program, I am working on the same project with my master project at Monash University but in School of Biomedical Science. Therefore, the title of my PhD degree would be "PhD in Biomedical Science". Considering that...
  6. M

    VETASSESS New rule: Salaried PhD as working experience?

    I have a question regarding to the new rule about the PhD working exeperience. I'm about to finish my PhD in Denmark and planning to apply for the 189 visa under "University Lecturer". I have a paid PhD programmes, the salary is above the average salary level in Denmark. I also have a contract...
  7. chwu

    VETASSESS Relevant field of study for interdisciplinary PhD degree

    Dear all, Glad to find this forum about migration and PR application :- ) Hope everyone is doing well in his/her migration process. I am a PhD student in VIC in the field of environmental science, with research projects/publications focused on developing novel mathematically/statistical tools...
  8. B

    PhD Assessed for Skilled Occupation

    Hello, thanks for your good work. I gave a question and would like to hear your opinion. I'm about to get assessed by Vetassess and would be lodging an EOI subsequently. I finished my PhD in Australia which was fully funded like a paid employment. I contacted Vetassess to inquire whether I...