point system

  1. Hasan.gharaibeh

    Subclass 189 NAATI (English to Arabic)

    Hey guys lucky I found a close exam appointment in Dec, but lack of resources on the other side! Please help me if you knew tips, trips, or hacks. Please share any required materials.
  2. C

    Chance for civil engineering technician with almost 70 pnts

    There's any chance of getting an invitation for a civil engineering technician how can gather 70 pnts in applications for 189 visa, also my husband seems eligible for 190 visa can I have the 5 pnts for a partner. Thanks
  3. K

    189 visa with 75 points under job 'ICT Business Analyst'

    Hi, I have 75 points and submitted application (EOI) on July 18th under 189 skilled visa for ICT Business Analyst role. Any inputs on what are the chances and when can I get my invite? Also, if any of you can discuss regarding 2019 Sept draw, it would give me some idea. Best wishes & Thanks...
  4. Kamaldeep Khurmi

    Point bases information

    Hello experts i want an information as per details gives below: Name :kamaldeep Education qualification: Bachelors degree in Computer science Experience: 3 year in same field (Network Engineer) Age :25 year Ielts : 6 band Can i apply for point bases and how i also calculates my score : 90 I am...
  5. MysticRiver

    2017-2018 Point system for Australia Immigration

    You need at least 65 points to submit an EOI. The more point you gather, the higher chance you have of getting an invitation. You must be under 45 at the time you recieve an invitation to apply for the visa. FactorDescriptionPointsAge18-24 (inclusive)25 points25-32 (inclusive)30 points33-39...