pr decision

  1. R

    Visitor visa for dependent while PR Application is submitted

    Hi, I am currently living in Australia on my Work Permit and my wife is staying outside Australia. I recently submitted 190 PR invitation for both myself & my wife (as my dependent). Since I am planning to bring my wife to Australia and the processing time for PR applications is 8 to 10 months...
  2. Hasan.gharaibeh

    Subclass 189 Can I put my spouse in my application to get PR

    Assuming that I got invited to 189/190 in NSW, and I included my partner which I don't want to claim any extra points from her, I'm the main applicant and I want to put her into my application to make it quick and to avoid lodging a partner visa, is that possible ? Are we receiving both PR in...
  3. Me_Min

    Subclass 190 VIC Immitracker data giving heartaches

    Hi Guys, just playing around with the data available on immitracker 190, found out a horrible information. People with 'developer programmer' who lodged from 1st July till 30th Nov and have been contacted by CO, have no further updates on their application. Same date range, profession and...
  4. B

    Need Expert Advice on pursuing Australian PR

    Hi Experts, I am new to this forum and for Australia PR process. Hoping to get some suggestions which would help me to make an informed decision. I am SAP functional consultant having 7+ years of experience. I have a NON ICT degree (B.E. Mechanical Engineering) which means, 6 years of my...