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  1. A

    Subclass 190 Typo Error in start date during EOI submission for Australian experience

    Hi Expert’s I need your urgent help for below situation. I got NSW 190 invitation at 85+5 points. I have submitted my documents and paid fees, waiting for final invite. I would like to inform you about the typo error during my EOI submission for Australian work experience. In my Australian...
  2. subh

    Casual Full Time PR Points

    Hi All, just wanted to know one thing. I am currently working as a Casual Full time with my employer and I am doing 40hrs of work per week. However, I am casual full time. So if I continue working more than one year, can I claim 5 points towards my PR?
  3. G

    Do we need to reappear for PTE and give ACS skilll assessment again for 887 visa?

    Hi Guys, Could somebody pl clarify the below queries? 1) I am planning to apply for 489 or 491 visa after nov 16th 2019. I am getting 65+10 points now. Once I am granted the 489 visa then provided I have stayed for 2 years in the specified regional areas and worked full time there for 1 year...