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    Requirement for Spouse for Subclass 189/190

    Hello, I am accompanying spouse and child(Age: 1.5yrs) in my application to DIBP for PR via Subclass 189/190. What are educational and language requirements for Spouse and what are the options. Thanks. regards Raza
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    Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 - Relative Sponsorship

    Dear Admins, @MysticRiver \ @Rakshanda It's me again. As I'm gearing up for filing my ACS. I was looking into options like 489 lodging. Just before I left from Australia, I spoke with my relative (Mother's cousin sister) and she was indicating about this 489 sponsorship. I was presuming...
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    SC 189 PR for civil engineer

    If I have 60 marks all together under civil engineer. Will I be able to get 189 PR?
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    EA Australian PR process - Engineer Technologist

    It would be a great help for me if you can spend some time on reading this and give me an advice. I have an idea in migrating to Australia. I got my positive skill assessment under engineer technologist. Currently I have 55 points of marks and by the end of June it will be 60 points since I'm...