pr visa

  1. Me_Min

    Subclass 190 VIC Immitracker data giving heartaches

    Hi Guys, just playing around with the data available on immitracker 190, found out a horrible information. People with 'developer programmer' who lodged from 1st July till 30th Nov and have been contacted by CO, have no further updates on their application. Same date range, profession and...
  2. B

    Subclass 190 Should i eligible for 457 PATHWAY with 60 Point

    Hello Friends, I am planning to submit my Subclass 190 with 457 Pathway in Victoria. as of now, my PR point is 45 + 5(1 Year Australia experience) 50 . If somehow I can manage to achieve 60 points with category (Analyst Programmer261311). What are my chances of getting an invitation...