1. A

    SA Replace current international driving license to SA driving license

    Hi guys. I'm on my 489 visa and i understand that I can drive with my Malaysia driving license, under my visa subclass. However, i prefer to replace my international driving license to SA license - due to some employers prefer to have local driving license. I have done my research and i do...
  2. R

    VIC State Nomination process

    Hi everyone, I submitted my EOI about a month ago and 2 weeks ago I submitted my Victoria State Nomination application. I applied for ICT Business Analyst (261111), Do meet both DIBP and VIC requirements and because I have a job offer in Melbourne I didn't have to wait for a pre-invite and...
  3. F

    General Offshore visa (189) lodgement

    Hello everyone! I've recently applied for a visa subclass 189 and got refused (because I lodged too early before I got my skills assessment). As per advice from migration counselor, I filed for an appeal to buy time. She told me that I can send my EOI while I am on appeal and exit the country...
  4. R

    Age calculation for points

    Hi All, I have a doubt on age calculation for points, between 25-32 age group we get 30 points. My question is whether 32 mentioned is 32 years completed or 32 running? I'm 1985 October born so I am confused after 2017 October whether I fall under 25-32 or 33-39 age group for points calculation?
  5. MysticRiver

    Guide Australian Immigration 101

    So, what are the first things that you should bear in mind if you want to migrate to Australia? Get on board as quickly as possible: Have no doubt, the process have been getting tougher over the years. Few years back, there was no EOI/invitation process, and people used to apply without any...
  6. O

    How to proceed further with 189 after receiving an invitation to lodge a Skilled visa

    Hello Admin, I am happy to share that finally my EOI was accepted under 189 cat and now I am getting my self ready with the further procedure. Credit goes to Lord Jesus and you. Your guidance finally helped me securing a position in the Visa pool for Australia. I have rec email stating...