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  1. R

    VIC VIC state nomination application processing time for 190

    Hi All, I got a mail that my ROI has been selected to apply for Victorian nomination for visa subclass 190. (I wasn't expecting it so quickly, I just submitted my ROI 2 days back.) I had a query about the nomination application processing time. How much time does it generally take for the...
  2. S

    Subclass 190 I have 65Points for 189, 70 for 190, 80 for 491. I am falling under Softwear Engineer Skill. Whats are chances for getting invite as of now?

    I am an offshore candidate and I have my sister living in Sydney so I want to move to the same place. What are the suggestions for this case? I don't mind waiting for 2 years. but want to know is it worth giving it a try? How about jobs for Software Engineer in regional areas? Also how about...
  3. A

    190 NSW Chances for EOI Application in Jan20

    Hi All :) I'm new to this forum and seek some experts' advice. I currently have 75 points ( 25 Age - 20 Superior English - 30 Vetassess as Construction Project Manager), and I'm intending to apply for NSW 190 Visa. The questions are: 1- Will the above points be enough to apply with 80 Points...
  4. C

    Info Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801)

    Been over a month the status changed to further assessment. Can anyone tell me how long does it take for a grant after this? Visa applied for is- Partner or Prospective Marriage Visa (300,309/100,820/801)
  5. E

    Subclass 489 SS 489 visa processing time 2019

    Hello Have anyone applied for 489 SS this year for SA (or other states)? Do you have any status update of how long it takes to have CO assigned and/or visa granted? and anybody knows in what kind of conditions without CO assigned the visa will be granted!?
  6. Taher

    Subclass 190 How long it takes in average to recive an invitation for 263111

    Hi, I've filled an EOI on February 1st, I have 65+5 scores for compuer netwrk and system engineers 263111 for NSW, can I expect an invitation with these scores? If yse, does anyone knows how long I shouod wait for the invitation in average?
  7. B

    Recent Architect invites

    Hello,, Just looking for some general feedback from other architects (232111) in the process of applying for SC 189 and 190. Any recent invites or state nominations? My EOI was very recently submitted so I'd like to try get a feel for what kind of wait I may be in for? Thank you
  8. A

    How soon will get 489 SA visa

    I have applied today for 489visa of south Australia under 233513 (Production and Plant engineer) with 80 points which include state points. I have below queries EOI date - 11/01/2018 Applied 489 SA - 26/07/2018 1) How soon should I expect for invitation 2) after getting visa, within how many...
  9. K

    Estimated processing time missing in immi account

    Did anyone notice that "estimated processing time" is missing from the immi account recently? Is it just me or everyone?
  10. M

    Any prediction when I will get my PR...

    Hi Everyone, Below are details: Subclass : 189 Developer Programmer : 261312 Lodge : 2017-03-19 : Wife as a dependent. CO Contact : 2017-05-24 : Asked for below information 1. To renew my current Passport, as it was getting expired on 22 Nov 2017 I read in DIBP site that you need atleast 6...
  11. MysticRiver

    Info What does global processing time mean?

    As we know, each month DIBP publishes the global visa and citizenship processing times for the previous calendar month. It is important to understand what is the significance of that statistics. So, what do you know from the global visa and citizenship processing times? You know what is the...
  12. MysticRiver

    Obsolete GSM processing time for immigration in Australia

    According to DIBP, if you lodge a complete application, there is high possibility that your General Skilled Migration (GSM) application will be processed within 3 months. A complete application means uploading all the supporting documents including Form 80, Form 1221 and health examination in...