professional engineer


    EA MSA CDR for PE w/ Sydney Accord Degree

    Hi all, I have submitted my CDR for ANZSCO Code 233911 Aeronautical Engineer. I have a Sydney Accord Bachelors Degree from a UK uni and have been an Aeronautical Engineer for nearly 4 years at a major airline in London. Due to wanting to be assessed for PE rather than ET I have submitted...
  2. kannan143

    EA Skill Assessment

    I have a 3 year full time Diploma in civil engineering is awarded by Indian government and followed by A bachelors degree(part time). EA only accepted the higher qualification which is my bachelor degree and the counted experiences after the degree is awarded. However, prior to my bachelor...
  3. A

    EA CDR assessment comments

    I submitted my CDR for assessment and received following comments on Career episodes - to provide academic project report. I wanted to know if this is normal? - Also, should the academic project reports be plagiarism free? - they have asked additional information pertaining to a career episode...