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  1. S

    Info Need Help ! Professional Year Validity related

    Hi Everyone, I have a question related to PY-Accounting Validity. I received my 491 Invitation and everywhere (EOI, Visa Application and even on DHA Website) the requirement for PY points was that “if you have COMPLETED the PY in last 48 months immediately before the Invitation “ was mentioned...
  2. S

    ACS multimedia specialist skill assessment

    Hello, My name is Samundra. I'm a recent graduate of Game design. My course falls under multimedia specialist. I want to do a professional year. But right now, I'm not sure whether my course falls under the ICT list or not. I asked many agents, but they gave me mixed information. In my studies...
  3. V

    ACS No relevant work experience but Masters and Professional Year in Australia

    Hello! Im taking a Masters in IT from an australian uni, planning to get a Temporary Graduate visa to take ACS's Professional Year program. I have 2 years of work experience as a Systems Analyst, but I specialized in Software Engineering in my bachelors and chose it as my major for my masters...
  4. G

    ACS ACS 1 year work experience points

    Hi, I completed my master's in July 2019, and I started my Professional year in March 2020. I also started work as a business analyst in DEC 2020. I already did my post-study skill assessment based on my masters and PY and have a positive assessment for both 26111 and 261313. Now my 1 year...
  5. deepakrao

    ACS Is Skills Assessment needed for Professional Year ?

    Hi All, I got my skills assessment done using my experience and degree. However, I am presently doing my professional year, and wanted to know if I should get another assessment done (once I complete the PY) with ACS to claim the 5 point. Thanks
  6. G

    ACS Skill Assessment after PY

    Hi All, I graduated with Master's in ICT and below are my course modules. After finishing PY, what are the occupations will I be able to apply for skill assessment. Confused b/w picking ... Analyst Programmer Computer Network and System Analyst Systems Analyst ICT Security Course Modules ...
  7. neel11

    ACS Claiming work experience points and gap in experience

    Hello, I'm a bit confused about how local Australian experience points can be claimed with regard to my situation. Some help is greatly appreciated. 1. I have completed my Postgraduate studies in Melbourne in December 2019 (Feb 2018-Dec 2019). 2. However, I have been working in a relevant...
  8. L

    ACS Overlap in PY work / internship and Local experience Requirements

    ACS Professional Year program requires 12 weeks of internship or work experience (If one holds a job). Local Australian experience can be claimed if one has 52 weeks of experience in Australia with a minimum of 20 hours per week. My question is: Can the 2 overlap i.e. can the 12 weeks of work...
  9. B

    ACS Can I do Professional year when not on 485 visa ?

    Hi all, can we do professional year only while holding 485 visa? I have done my masters in Australia and was on 485 visa. I got aa positive ACS skills assessment.But my 485 visa expired and I am now a dependant on my husbands student visa with full work rights? Can I do professional year now and...
  10. N

    Subclass 189 Skill assessment vs Employment assessment

    I received my positive skill assessment result from ACS (Post-study skill assessment) based on an Australian Master of Information Technology degree with the IT Profession Year program and submitted my EOI for the 189 visa. I have mentioned my one-year relevant working experience in the EOI but...
  11. N

    ACS Skill assessment after PY ? confused

    If completion of PY in itself is enough for getting our skills assessed through ACS or do we have to apply for skills assessment separately? How long does it take to get skills assessed after PY completion?
  12. SHRI

    EA Assessment Experience Calculation

    I Submitted my assessment to EA on 19th, How will experience for employment will be calculated, will it be till 19th July or till the date of the decision
  13. M

    ACS applying for 189 or any for PR

    I am going to finish my MS in IT(Network and Security) in this July 2017. My question is , if I get 8 each in PTE after that. Then I will get total 65 points. So is it possible for me to apply for 189 or any to get PR? Or do I need to get 1 year industry related experience or Professional Year...