professional year

  1. N

    Subclass 189 Skill assessment vs Employment assessment

    I received my positive skill assessment result from ACS (Post-study skill assessment) based on an Australian Master of Information Technology degree with the IT Profession Year program and submitted my EOI for the 189 visa. I have mentioned my one-year relevant working experience in the EOI but...
  2. N

    ACS Skill assessment after PY ? confused

    If completion of PY in itself is enough for getting our skills assessed through ACS or do we have to apply for skills assessment separately? How long does it take to get skills assessed after PY completion?
  3. SHRI

    EA Assessment Experience Calculation

    I Submitted my assessment to EA on 19th, How will experience for employment will be calculated, will it be till 19th July or till the date of the decision
  4. M

    ACS applying for 189 or any for PR

    I am going to finish my MS in IT(Network and Security) in this July 2017. My question is , if I get 8 each in PTE after that. Then I will get total 65 points. So is it possible for me to apply for 189 or any to get PR? Or do I need to get 1 year industry related experience or Professional Year...