prospective marriage (subclass 300)

  1. lada zadeh

    mistake in filling visa application

    hi everyone, when my husbands was filling my visa application, he answered a question wrong and it leads to wrong subclass for my visa application. the question was: Is the applicant applying for a prospective marriage visa? and he answered yes. this leads to set visa subclass 300 instead of...
  2. JBMelb

    Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa.

    Hi Guys, my name is John. I have been dating a guy for over 12 months now, we meet online and then in person and have been going strong. We are so in love and want to marry. We submitted my fiancee's Subclass Visa Application on 30 June 2018 just before the price change. We were contacted via...
  3. H

    PMV 300 help

    Hello All, Here's my scenario: I was introduced to an Aus citizen and we met up a few weeks ago. We have known eachother since highschool, but never kept in touch and we were introduced to eachother by our parents. I have studied in Aus in the same city as him, so we have been in the same...
  4. queenie0610

    Looking for advice-Prospective Marriage visa (Sub class 300)

    Hello, We are trying to gather information as much as possible before applying for Prospective of marriage (subclass 300). I am stuck here at some points. We hope we can look for advice from anyone who has experience in this before.:bookworm::bookworm::bookworm::bookworm: Providing evidence...