1. T

    Updating english test

    I have a PTE test done on March 25, 2019. I have lodged EOI but still haven't received an invite. I did get an invite for 189 but will have to wait for it to expire on March 22 to update the points - still same points. On March 25, 2022, it will be the 36th month validity of the PTE score...
  2. S

    Please suggestions needed

    I gave my pte exam today and got the results and in the result everything was alright but the gender it says male while I am female how do i correct that and whom do I contact to correct it for me?
  3. A

    Info About Pte score card

    I forgot to write middle name while booking my pte test. On the test day at pte center they took one print of my passport and they told me that they will change name. But in my pte score result I got only my firstname and surname. What should I need to do to add my midfle name as the passport?
  4. S

    Other PTE Validity confusion

    Hi everyone, Hope you are well! I needed some clarity in regards to PTE scores. My PTE report says scores are valid for 2 years until March 2021. I am going to be filing my EOI before that - Feb 2021. Once whenever the invite comes, will I have to re-do PTE? or is the score report valid for 3...
  5. B

    PTE validity for 189/190 visa 2yrs or 3yrs

    Hi @MysticRiver , I have superior English score in PTE 2018 and soon going to expire next month. I have 85 points as of now. I would like to know if I need to write soon or will DHA consider the expired score till 3yrs ? Thanks, Bhargav.
  6. K

    Retaking English Test

    What if I consider to retake english test and then the result happen to be the same (or worst case I get lower marks for the 2nd time), should I use that latest (2nd) result for my EOI or can I still use the existing one (1st result)? Thanks!
  7. S

    PTE Score expires before Invitation

    Hi Team, I have one query, my PTE score is expiring on 29-June-2019 but still i didn't get invite. EOI is still in submitted status. What happen if my PTE score expires: 1. Does it affect my points and DOE date? 2. Do i need to give PTE exam again before it expires and update my EOI? PTE Score...
  8. happyisland

    How to Avoid CO Contact for Online PTE Score Reports (189/190)

    Recently, there's been a lot of requests for online PTE score reports even in cases where the reports were already sent to DHA. The waiting times for 189/190 visas are already quite long, so unnecessary CO contact should be avoided at all costs. Immitracker shows there's been quite a few...
  9. A

    Subclass 189 CO asks to send PTE scores which expired

    I have submitted my application on 13 Dec, 2018 along with score card, on 9th April, 2019 got a CO contact asking my partner english proof send via PTE send score button. But just 9 days before it got expired because 2 years completed, and as DIBP accepts it for 3 years it is valid but no...
  10. syedwahab14

    Guide My 189 visa story

    Hi everybody, I was recently granted skilled independent visa (subclass 189). Since I did not hire any consultant for the most part, forums like migrationdesk were really helpful through the whole process. Having received the visa grant I would like to share my story for anybody who might find...
  11. A

    Subclass 189 IELTS or PTE

    Hi All, I've heard people saying that PTE is easier to score 20 points than IELTS? Anyboody here scored 20 points in IELTS?
  12. rajnsoni

    Subclass 189 Give PTE after lodging EOI.

    Is it possible to appear for PTE after lodging EOI? Means get desired score later but lodge EOI with an expected desired pte score and get a score before receiving an invitation.
  13. N

    Subclass 190 My IELTS score was overall 8 but 7.5 n writing. Can i improve my score with PTE?

    Hi.. this is my first post here. Submitted EOI for 189 and 190 in July 2018. 75 pts for 190 under job 261312 (developer programmer). My IELTS score was overall 8 but 7.5 in writing. My questions are : 1) Can i improve my score with PTE? 2) Do I stand a chance of receiving invite soon?
  14. R

    PTE academic

    I took pte almost 2 times every time ending up with a score of 72 need that 6 points to claim 20 for visa . I have tried with following website such as e2e academic pte plus still I’m remaining same Anyguide can help me to crack that additional 7-8 points required to crack that 79 benchmark
  15. S

    Should we update only latest PTE attempt score in EOI?

    Hi , I have submitted my EOI with PTE score of 65+ in each section. To gain more points, i attempted pte again couple of times , but I couldn't able to reach 79+ mark and have scored only 65+ again. Now my query is, Should I update the EOI with the latest pte attempt score only? or any attempt...
  16. Dileep

    PTE: preparatory material

    Hi Guys, You can get some preparatory materials for PTE, which I had access to. Maybe helpful for some of our friends. Get 'em @
  17. P

    EOI and Post Invite timeline and process

    @MysticRiver , @Rakshanda Folks, I have got the ACS outcome and considering all the criteria I have 55 + 5 (State Sponsorship) -> 60 points. I'm eligible to claim for partner points and I might get that before end of November I suppose and so 55 + 5 (State Sponsorship) + 5 (Partner...
  18. M

    Improve PTE to 79+

    Hey everyone, can anyone help on how I can improve my PTE scores, and get 79 in writing and listening, I'm thinking that the main reason is my spelling scores. Communicative Skills Listening 76 Reading 87 Speaking 81 Writing 72 Enabling Skills Grammar 66 Oral Fluency 64 Pronunciation 78...
  19. A

    Should IELTS/PTE Score be the same for EA and DIBP

    Dear Friends, I am a Mechanical Engineer cum Sustainability Consultant, and want to apply for EA skills assessment. I have IELTS score with me (7 above in all, except speeaking where i got 6.5). Now according to EA and DIBP i have "Competent" english necessary to get the assessment done. Now...
  20. MysticRiver

    Is PTE easier than IELTS?

    There are differences in opinions about the relative difficulties between IELTS, PTE and other tests. Some people suggests PTE is easier to score, some other says they are all the same. I think it is a good topic for debate, also would help people who are trying to score some points against...