1. PDR

    Qld 190 PR 261314 Software Tester EOI chance

    Hello, We’ve submitted SC190 EOI QLD for Software Tester 261314 by checking the general criteria. As per that, it needs 2 years of post educational experience. But for Software Tester, there is an additional criteria of 5 years experience. My wife is the primary applicant and her experience is...
  2. O

    TSS Subsequent entrant to PR

    Hello, I am on 482 TSS Subsequent entrant Visa, this was sponsored by my partner's company. I have found an employer here that offered me a permanent position job as a Software Engineer. Can I apply to Employee Nomination Scheme PR pathway with my current employer even though I am only...
  3. A

    Subclass 489 SS ICT invitation(2613*) for 489 in August2019

    Hi All, I wanted to check if any of the ICT professional(esp 2613) got invite in August 2019 for QLD 489. Regards, ADC
  4. Sajid Ali

    QLD QLD Pre-Invite / State Nomination (Visa Class 190)

    Hi, I have started this thread for those who has submitted EOI for Visa Class 190 and waiting from Queensland state for: 1. Pre-Invite. 2. Approval of State Nomination. 3. Invitation through Skillselect. To see the following trends: 1. Which Occupations / ANZSCO Codes are receiving Pre-Invite...
  5. M

    my health declaration questions

    Hi, I will be applying for visa 190 (sponsored by QLD) in a matter of weeks, once my PhD gets through formally. I have two questions about Health requirements: 1) Is it really beneficial to arrange the health examination before applying for a visa? Although the official website seems to...
  6. helpseeker94

    Subclass 190 About Queensland state sponsorship.

    Hi, I am not sure if I am at a right place to ask this question but I need to clarify the confusion that I have about my profile. I have done a master degree in Information systems(IS) at a Queensland-based institution and graduated in last year and I did my bachelor degree from India in Civil...