1. E

    ACS Experience calculations and points

    Dear i have got my acs assessment positive ,however as i have mbait degree my experience is calculated by deducting 6years . Fortunately i didnt show my experience while i was doing my bachelors degree 2 years program as i was under impression out of given 11 years experience i can get 8...
  2. Aadil Abbasi

    ACS RPL - Recently completed qualification and having previous experience

    Dear Friends I have question related to RPL, I am having experience as software engineer and I had previous suitable skills assessment via RPL by ACS. Unfortunately, at that time they did not recognized my qualification and they deducted almost 8 years of experience out my total 9 years...
  3. S

    ACS ACS assessment with no post-qualification experience

    Hi mystic, I just wanted to ask a question, I have studies bachelor of physics without any ict major or minor After graduating, I have worked in IT field for almost 27 months in developer programmer closely related area. These were outside Australia and upto 2015, I started studying master of...
  4. S

    EA Help me in submitting my EOI.

    Hi, I am trying to submit my EOI , but I am not getting points for Qualification (MSc). Please guide me . Criteria Points Bracket Skilled - Nominated(Subclass 190)(Permanent) Date of Effect* 14/12/2016 15:11:50 Age 33 - 39 -- 25 English Language Ability-- Competent-- 0 State/Territory...
  5. S

    ACS Reassessment with different degree

    Hi Admin, I just completed my masters degree in I.T in Australia in November 2016. I have 5 years of work experience prior to my masters. Can I apply for Acs assessment with my Australian masters degree without the need to complete a professional year or 1 year of post Australian work...
  6. U

    Extra experience awarded by the assessing authority

    Good Day, I am submitting my EOI and a bit confused regarding the points. Presently I have 60 points. I did my assessment with AMSA for 2312 (Marine Transport Professionals). At the time of assessment, I was a diploma holder but the assessment letter received says that the Assessment authority...
  7. M

    ACS Certified copy of educational transcript/testamur

    Hi My university transcript 3 pages.. I just stamped it from ministry of high education in my country... they stamped only the first page ... they mention only one stamp provided coz it is for them one document !. My question is whether ACS will accept it or not, plz advise.
  8. S

    Claim points for qualification with non ICT degrees - do I need a separate assessment?

    Hi MystricRiver: I submitted my ACS (RPL) for ANZSCO 263111 on 24th aug including followings: 1= Bechlor of Commerce Degree (2 years) 2= Diploma in IT (1 Year) 3= CCNP + CCVP certificates 4= Exp form October 2005 to Aug 2016 (still continue) throughout Computers & Networks ACS Result: Your...
  9. A

    Experience earned before qualification - how ACS handles it

    Guys just wanted to know that how many years of experience ACS will deduct from my total experience and how many point I may get for my education and Experience. B.Com - 2001 A Level - 2004 (DOEACC NIELTS) MCA (SMUDE) - 2008 -2010 Work experience in IT field from Oct 2004 ... Thanks
  10. B

    EOI help - claim points for qualification with RPL

    I would like to ask some information about my case I have an online bachelor degree in IT field which i could not get the first assessment and i got refuse because my bachelor degree was not recognised. I made my RPL and got assessment from ACS with 8 years experiments. My questions are 1. Am i...
  11. Yasmine

    Country of residence and educational record in visa application

    Mystic river, concerning the countries of residence, we should fill in the date from and date to, is that of the last permanent address or for the full time living in that country? And if I lived in Dubai for 5 months, should I mention the date of my birth till the date I moved to Dubai, and...
  12. O

    How many years do ACS deduct for 100% non IT qualification, and applying for IT based SOL.

    Hello Admin, After getting inspired from me, one of my friend is looking for the opportunity to apply for AU immigration and try his LUCK!!! Below are his details. Exp:- 10 Years of IT experience Education:- BCOM (100% NON IT qualification) In this case, do he stand a chance to have a...